Learning from LEGO

It’s over 2 and a half years since the Sequel Trilogy came to an end, and we have no idea what happens to our heroes or the galaxy. We’ve not had a single book or comic picking up the story in the wake of the Battle of Exegol, instead focusing on the High Republic with a few other stories spread through the timeline—including a couple that have tried to fix the mess created by The Rise of Skywalker.

But there is actually one medium that has taken the story beyond this point: LEGO. We have now had 3 LEGO Star Wars Specials—Holiday SpecialTerrifying Tales and Summer Vacation—which have all picked up with our heroes after the Battle of Exegol.

Now, are the LEGO stories canon? Not really, as they’re pretty ridiculous, but there are certainly some events portrayed that could be canon that are being shown “from a certain point of view”—as the creators would say, it is “canon adjacent”. So with the release of Summer Vacation, I have looked back over the 3 stories and picked out what I believe could be canon.

lego star wars holiday special banner

Holiday Special

Finn and the Force

Remember when Finn had something to tell Rey and JJ Abrams decided to make it seem as if he wanted to say he was in love with her, but then left a moment towards the end that suggested Finn could actually be Force-sensitive? Well the LEGO stories have confirmed that not only is Finn Force-sensitive, but that he also becomes Rey’s first apprentice. If only John Boyega had been respected enough to actually have this be part of his story in the trilogy rather than just running around and shouting “Rey!”

Life Day with the Wookiees

So the secondary storyline of the Holiday Special sees our heroes going to Kashyyyk to celebrate the first Life Day after the Battle of Exegol with Chewbacca and his family. And while the events of this storyline are far too silly (such as literally everyone turning up), the idea of the actual event itself makes sense. The group have lost so many people that were important to them and could be considered family—Han, Leia, Luke and Ben—so it would be fitting for Chewie to return to celebrate such a special day with his actual family, while also bringing his adopted family along for the ride, especially when you consider that Finn, Rose and Rey are all without a biological family.

Rey’s travels to Kordoku

It makes sense that as someone who has only been learning about the Force for a year, Rey would not really be prepared to train Finn. As such, it seems feasible that Rey could find something in the sacred Jedi texts directing her to a Jedi Temple on Kordoku, where she can learn to be a better master.

A journey through time

So, it may be hard to believe if you haven’t watched Rebels, but I think that the main plot of the short (Rey travelling through time via portals) could actually be real. And while I don’t think it used some magical crystal, I think it could be that the Jedi Temple on Kordoku had an entrance to the World Between Worlds, much like the Lothal Jedi Temple. By travelling through the World Between Worlds, Rey would be able to see all these instances from the past of masters with their apprentices, but could also unintentionally create a way for a past version of Palpatine and Vader to almost gain control of the World Between Worlds, similar to how Ezra almost allowed Palpatine in during Rebels.

lego star wars terrifying tales banner

Terrifying Tales

First Order holdouts

We know that in canon the Galactic Civil War continued for about a year after the Battle of Endor, and even beyond that there were still Imperial remnants causing trouble, such as Moff Gideon’s group. Well, it therefore makes sense that there would still be some First Order remnants causing trouble after the Battle of Exegol, so starting this story with Poe in a dogfight against First Order forces makes sense.

Poe crashing on Mustafar

This story starts with Poe defeating a small unit of First Order TIEs but suffering damage and crash landing on Mustafar. It certainly feels possible that this could be canon, as with the First Order having developed from the Empire, they were likely aware of the presence of both Vader’s Castle and Fortress Inquisitorius being located in the system, so it could be that this unit of TIEs were scouts checking out the potential of both sites as a First Order base.

Vaneé still at the Castle

Ahh Vanée. He only appeared for a moment in Rogue One but has had his story expanded a little since then in wider media. And it certainly feels possible that the mad former attendant would still be in what remained of the castle hoarding any Sith artefacts that he could get his hands on. I doubt his larger plan which makes up the main story would be real, but his continuing presence an the hoards of artefacts in the castle certainly makes sense.

Graballa’s Castle

In the story, Poe find that Vader’s Castle is being turned into a hotel by Graballa the Hutt. While the hotel idea seems a little too outlandish, it certainly feels possible to me that Graballa may have decided to take over the castle as his own. Let’s not forget that Jabba’s Palace was a B’omarr Monastery that he took over, and with Kylo Ren having taken out the Alazmec colonists when taking the Sith wayfinder, it certainly feels like the opportunity was there for Graballa to move in without resistance, and as Mustafar was recovering as a planet, it would not have been as inhospitable as it used to be.


While I doubt that he had such a critical role as shown in the story, Dean certainly feels like someone who would be canonical. A young Force-sensitive boy from Arkanis who was forced to work for Graballa as a mechanic after the First Order accused his mother of helping the Resistance and destroyed her shop. It feels entirely plausible that Dean would have helped Poe repair his X-Wing, and that in return, Poe would have found some way to get him out of Graballa’s control and to Rey, where he could learn to become a Jedi.

lego star wars summer vacation banner

Summer Vacation

Future of our heroes

Going to pool all of these into one as there’s not much to go off here. Finn’s status as being Force-sensitive is one again confirmed and it sounds like he’s gone through training with Rey now as he is about to go searching for other Force-sensitives while Rey goes hunting for Jedi Temples in the Unknown Regions. It feels like the right way for the future of a new Jedi Order to begin, and I would love to see the growth of the new order shown somewhere.

Meanwhile, Poe is following in the footsteps of Wedge Antilles and will be training new pilots, so could this be teasing a potential return in Rogue Squadron, assuming that movie ever happens? Even if not, it certainly feels like this—combined with Rose going on relief missions—is setting up something to follow, as Mon Mothma heavily demilitarised the New Republic, so it would be interesting to see how things went both politically and militarily as the galaxy recovers from its latest war.

Valeria’s mission

One of the stories we get told in Summer Vacation is of a time that Obi-Wan Kenobi, during his time hiding on Tatooine but likely after the events of Obi-Wan Kenobi helped the rebel Valeria avoid Imperial attention in Mos Eisley, before helping her steal a haul of coaxium from Jabba’s Palace. However, I’m sure that there was a much more mundane plan to the heist than Obi-Wan distracting the crowd with a musical number, though I would love to see Ewan McGregor re-enact this version!

Lando’s new role

So we find out in this story that Lando Calrissian has become an ambassador for Chandrila Star Lines, and to me this feels like the perfect combination. We know that Lando has tried many occupations and roles in his life, so why not become an ambassador for a star line, while CSL will look at him as the perfect ambassador as a famous face (as a hero of 2 wars) who is known for preferring a certain high class lifestyle.

What have you thought of these LEGO Star Wars specials? Was there anything I missed that you think would fit well in the canon?

Thanks for reading. May the Force be with you….

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