31 Days of Star Wars

Welcome to 31 Days of Star Wars! As this is a new blog I thought this would be the perfect way for you to get to know me a bit by answering a different question about my Star Wars preferences each day in March. So that people can continue to find these and get to know me as this blog gets more posts, I have decided to create this page with a link to each article.

  1. Favourite member of the Rebellion
  2. Favourite member of the Empire
  3. Favourite Jedi
  4. Favourite Droid
  5. Favourite Ship
  6. Favourite Sith
  7. Favourite Prequel Trilogy movie
  8. Favourite Original Trilogy movie
  9. Favourite Disney Era movie
  10. Favourite Space Battle
  11. Favourite Ground Battle
  12. Favourite Lightsaber Duel
  13. Favourite Piece of Music
  14. Favourite Quote
  15. A Photo of my Star Wars collection
  16. Favourite Moment from The Phantom Menace
  17. Favourite Moment from Attack of the Clones
  18. Favourite Moment from Revenge of the Sith
  19. Favourite Moment from A New Hope
  20. Favourite Moment from The Empire Strikes Back
  21. Favourite Moment from Return of the Jedi
  22. Favourite Moment from The Force Awakens
  23. Favourite Moment from The Last Jedi
  24. Favourite Moment from Rogue One
  25. Character I Dislike
  26. Favourite Canon Book
  27. Favourite Movie Character
  28. Favourite TV Show Character
  29. Favourite Book/Comic Book Character
  30. Favourite Original Trilogy Change
  31. Least Favourite Original Trilogy Change