The Clone Wars Season 7 Trailer

As a massive fan of The Clone Wars series, I have been looking forward to the return of the series for it’s epic finale ever since season 7 was announced. With its return on Disney+ just a month away, I came home from work yesterday to find that Lucasfilm had released an epic new poster and trailer!

Proceed with caution, the following will have spoilers for the first 6 series of The Clone Wars and potential spoilers for the upcoming episode

First off – and I will be quick on this because I say it about every trailer for Star Wars animated shows – the trailer looks absolutely stunning, with fantastic visuals and music, with enough footage to get us absolutely hyped but not enough to make it clear exactly how things will go. It’s amazing to see how far the animation has come from before and how much more realistic everyone looks despite keeping the same style.

While usually the footage teases what is coming but makes it hard to figure out the full context, I think prior knowledge of what we will see from these episodes helps. We are getting 3 arcs totaling 12 episodes: The Bad Batch arc has been available in an unfinished format for years and all the footage I have seen looks like a very close adaptation of this. The Ahsoka’s Walkabout arc has clearly gone through some adaptation as it would appear that the character of Nyx Okami has been adapted into the characters of Trace and Rafa Martez, so it will be very interesting to see what we get from this arc, as it still appears to see them taking on the Pyke Syndicate. And then finally we get the Siege of Mandalore arc, which was always meant to be the finale of the series before it was cancelled and tie into Revenge of the Sith.

feat SW The Clone Wars S7 final poster

The Bad Batch footage looks very familiar to the unfinished footage that I have seen before, but it will be interesting to see if Kix is still involved now that there are stories of him being taken by Separatists. Perhaps his character will be removed, in which case I hope we get some mention of his disappearance at some point in the series. Ahsoka’s Walkabout is the arc I know the least about, but I am really interested to see how things go in those episodes, especially as this will chronologically be the first time we have seen Ahsoka since she left the Jedi Order. We know that Nyx was intended to be a romantic interest for Ahsoka, so I’m interested to see if this remains with either Trace or Rafa.

It is the final arc, The Siege of Mandalore, that gets me truly excited. As well as the Siege itself already being an exciting story, with Ahsoka and a portion of the 501ˢᵗ fighting alongside Bo-Katan’s Mandalorian loyalists to take down Darth Maul and his Shadow Collective. There are some shots in this trailer however that make me think this will tie in very heavily to the wider galactic stories, as Padmé appears pregnant in the hologram we see, so is likely after Anakin has saved Palpatine, while it looked like we may be seeing an animated version of the Jedi talking about the need to remove the Chancellor, judging by Mace Windu’s dialogue around the holotable. While we’re at the holotable, it also looks like we may quickly see a young Caleb Dume with Depa Billaba, although I will be shocked if much is made from this aside from a quick cameo. I also thought some of the footage of a fight between jetpack clones and the Separatists looked like it could be from Mygeeto (where we saw Ki-Adi-Mundi killed during Order 66) so this, combined with a shot of Ahsoka apparently feeling a disturbance in the Force while travelling through hyperspace makes me thing that we may get an Order 66 montage ended with the clones attacking Ahsoka. If this is the case, then expect to see Plo Koon’s death again given his closeness to Ahsoka in the earlier seasons.

SW The Clone Wars S7 trailer Ahsoka Rex

Season 7 begins on Disney+ on 21ˢᵗ February with a weekly release schedule, and I intend to review every episode as I have for The Mandalorian and much of Resistance, but as Disney+ is not available in the UK until late March, it may take a while for me to get my reviews up for the early episodes… watch this space!

Thanks for reading. May the Force be with you…

4 thoughts on “The Clone Wars Season 7 Trailer

  1. Am I going to have to watch the whole series over again? Yes!!! And I’m ok with that.

    I’ve never been a huge fan of Maul. I think it’s because my intro to him in Ep 1 just wasn’t too immersive, not a lot of backstory, etc… but I love Ahsoka!!!

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    1. Haha I considered re-watching before S7 but I had no time, will definitely have to go through everything once the season is over.

      I understand that, I loved Maul in Ep1 and the Duel of the Fates remains my favourite lightsaber fight so he stuck with me. I was really nervous when I heard that he was coming back and though I thought the spider legs thing was a little odd, Sam Witwer did such a great job that I’m now fully in on the character. And Ahsoka is a top 5 character for me, along with Rex!

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        1. That’s a fair point, especially with him also having 2 stories in comics too. If they did a Darth Maul novel that covered everything we’ve already seen and added more, I’d be getting that as quickly as I could

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