Star Wars Resistance: Mid-Season Trailer

Star Wars Resistance returns this weekend and a mid-season trailer has been released to get us all hyped for the remaining 11 episodes… and boy has it done that!

While some, including myself, have been put off or struggled to get really invested at times due to the largely light nature of this show – it is aimed towards younger children, after all – this trailer suggests that the second half of the season will be much darker, although Torra calling the stormtroopers “frowny faces” still shows that there will be lighter moments. As with any trailer, it is difficult to figure out how much they have shown us, but there appears to be far too many different locales, characters and action for this to belong to just a couple of the episodes. As to the animation, I have always felt that this is at its best during the sequences in ships, and it looks like we’re going to be treated to some great action there.

We knew that the show started only about 6 months before The Force Awakens and it looks like that time frame will be completely bridged in Season 1 with the reveal of Hux’s speech before the destruction of the Hosnian system. With Kaz’s father being a senator, I think that this is the moment where Kaz is forced to grow up and mature even more than he has done already and it certainly looks as if he is becoming a leader during the trailer, complete with a more mature look – which to me suggests that the destruction of the Hosnian system will come with at least a couple of episodes left.

We already know from the first half of the season that Pyre has left Doza with an offer of First Order support to repel the pirates. Having watched this trailer, I don’t think it will be long until we see Kragan’s pirates attack in force, leading to Doza accepting the First Order’s help. It also looks as if the First Order locking down the Aces will be the catalyst to seeing the aces resist alongside Kaz, while we also see Aunt Z and a number of other faces from the Colossus apparently with Kaz and the team, likely a result of what appears to be brutal treatment from the stormtroopers. I think that the First Order’s presence will lead to Kaz, Yeager, Torra and a small group of others (potentially including the Aces) trying to hassle them, then a much larger resistance from the inhabitants of the Colossus following the First Order’s destruction of the Hosnian system.

We also see that Kaz will have at least one more adventure with Poe to a system that looks to have been destroyed by Starkiller Base. I notice that Kaz is using the Fireball in this episode and wonder if that will be a result of the work done by the Resistance during “Station Theta Black” or if more work has been done to the ship back on the Colossus. With Kaz likely being one of the key persons of interest to the First Order on the Colossus, I imagine that this episode will feature early in the second half of the season, before the First Order have a strong foothold.

I’m also really excited to see the use of the ocean as a setting. For a planet where we have seen little to no land, the ocean is a vast territory with so much potential, as it has very rarely been explored in Star Wars canon so far on any planet. And it looks like we’ll be getting a new variant of stormtrooper to go with this new environment.

“We are the Resistance now. And we’re taking back the Colossus.”

There are a few other things that I have noticed in the trailer that give me ideas of what may happen in the rest of this season:

  • If this is taking us up to and beyond the events of The Force Awakens, then we know BB-8 will need to leave the team to re-join Poe. I think that when this happens, CB-23 will take his place, as she is featured quite prominently in the trailer including underwater with Kaz
  • With the Colossus apparently sinking in the trailer and the time-frame of the season likely taking us to at least the end of The Last Jedi, I think that the end of the season will see Kaz and a number of others joining the Resistance after the escape from Crait. A second season has been confirmed, which can then start to show the work of the Resistance between Episodes 8 and 9
  • I have mentioned previously how a pilot of Vonreg’s quality should have some on-screen kills to his name. I think that the footage of the Aces dogfighting with TIEs will finally give us this. But who will be the unlucky pilot? Freya Fenris, Griff Halloran and Bo Keevil have been the least shown so far (and in the trailer), however with Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and Stephen Stanton voicing Freya and Griff respectively, I think they will be safe. Hype Fazon is the one who has been shown to have an apparent grudge against the First Order and after Torra has been the most featured, so I would imagine he is safe. The trailer shows us Yeager flying again and there is a shot where he is in combat and being tailed by Vonreg, so I think that we could be set to lose him. There is a shot of Vonreg tailing Kaz and I can imagine Yeager acting as a diversion and sacrificing himself in the process – I like Yeager so I really hope I’m wrong here and that if any top pilots are shot down it is Bo
  • With Kel and Eila from “The Children from Tehar” set to return and us already knowing that the First Order attacked their village, I think that the system Kaz and Poe are investigating could have been where Tehar was, as this would explain why the First Order were so keen for the children to be killed if Starkiller Base had been there

What did you think of the trailer? Are you looking forward to the show’s return? Thanks for reading and May the Force be with you…

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