LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar: Day 16

Where has this year gone?! It’s hard to believe that we’re already into December, but we really are into the final stretch of 2022, and with that comes something that I have been looking forward to for months: time to open the new LEGO Star Wars advent calendar. Last year was my first ever time getting the calendar, as one of my friends bought it for me, and I absolutely loved it, so had to get this year’s!

But rather than keep it to myself, I thought that this year it would be fun to chart this month’s gifts with you. So each day, I will be showing you the minikit that was behind that day’s door, allowing you to decide if the calendar is something you would consider purchasing in the future, but I will also then give a few details about the ship/item/character the kit is of.

So… let’s get going!

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 20222022 Advent Calendar:

  1. LAAT/i gunship
  2. Clone trooper – 212ᵗʰ Attack Battalion – Phase I armor
  3. Droid tri-fighter
  4. Acclamator-class Republic assault ship
  5. B1 battle droid
  6. Omicron-class attack shuttle
  7. X-34 landspeeder
  8. T-16 skyhopper
  9. C-3PO
  10. Moisture vaporator
  11. V-35 courier
  12. Darth Vader
  13. Fortress Vader (sandcastle)
  14. B-wing
  15. TIE Interceptor
  16. Wall & Mouse droid

Day 16 has given us a minikit of a section of wall, including a blaster that can shoot studs and a pair of mouse droids. Now obviously I’m not going to just talk about walls here—though contrary to the thoughts of some prominent Star Wars “fans”, they do exist and can be made of bricks—so instead I’ll look at the mouse droid.

The MSE-6-series repair droid was a small, box-shaped, wheeled general purpose droid often used for delivery and maintenance purposes. Often found in their hundreds on large military starships (eg star destroyers/prison ships) and in military bases and installations such as the Death Star, they would clean the floors, carry messages and guide troops to assigned posts. The MSE-6 was equipped with a data probe, a grasping claw, and a command order tray that held sealed orders. Due to the droid line’s unobtrusiveness, it led to a growing aftermarket in modified MSE-6 droids used for surveillance and slicing.

What do you think of the minikit, and the advent calendar in general?

Thanks for reading. May the Force be with you….

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