The Bad Batch: Season 2 trailer & more

With Andor season 1 over, it’s time to start looking ahead to season 2 of The Bad Batch. And how better to do that than with a new trailer, poster and the release schedule. So as we always do on here, let’s take a look at that trailer!

So first off, let me start by saying what I do with every single Star Wars trailer: this looks great! However, I must admit that I do feel a little underentused at this trailer, especially considering how soon the release is. I’m not sure whether it’s the trailer itself (though the odd voiceover at the end certainly didn’t help) or if it’s a subconscious feeling after having not been fully won over in season 1. However there was enough there to keep me intrigued and willing to give the show another chance.

One thing that does give me hope is that Omega appears to have grown up a little and become more capable, which will hopefully cause an improvement in team dynamics, as too often she seemed to be left out or requiring saving/looking after in season 1. Similarly, I like seeing Echo pushing for more serious missions as it hopefully means that he will not be pushed to the side as much in season 2.

star wars series the bad batch season 2 poster december 2022

What really interests me though is who else we see in this trailer. Gungi was confirmed in the previous trailer, but it’s great to see him again. Rex makes sense considering his involvement in season 1, and I wouldn’t be shocked to see Gregor with him and Wolfe also appear as we move towards the trio of clones settling down on Seelos. But what is really exciting is the return of Cody, his first appearance in the canon timeline since Order 66. Pairing him with Crosshair makes for some interesting dynamics, but what really got my attention here was Cody noting that more clones appear to be questioning their actions since Order 66 and his reaction to Crosshair considering any such clones traitors. Are we going to see Cody following in the footsteps of Howzer in season 1 and rejecting the Empire? If so, I have a horrid feeling that he will not be surviving long or else he would have surely been on Seelos with Rex, while I also think that we will see the continued phasing out of the clones in favour of the TK-troopers due to clones beginning to fight back… Oh and then there’s Bail Organa and the Emperor; it certainly feels like the Bad Batch will be much more involved in things by the end of the season.

As well as interesting characters, we also see a range of interesting locations, including Kashyyyk (which appears to be under attack from Trandoshans using Separatist weapons and vehicles), a Star Destroyer, what appears to be Dooku’s chambers on Serenno and even Coruscant, including the Senate chambers! It’s a lot of locations, which makes me think that we will once again see quite a few stories that only last 1 or 2 episodes, but I hope that for the most part, we get one consistent story that sees the Bad Batch quickly starting to assist Rex freeing clones and Jedi—it may be just me, but I need more consistent direction than we got in season 1.

Finally, it’s probably worth a quick mention on the air dates, and one thing that immediately jumped out to me is the overlap of the final 6 episodes of the show with season 3 of The Mandalorian, even coming out on the same day. I really don’t understand this decision as we saw how Obi-Wan Kenobi hurt Ms Marvel‘s viewing figures when they overlapped. Why one could not release on the Wednesday and the other on Fridays—or even better, the shows not overlap at all, as we will surely get a gap between shows later in the year just like we have now.

A quick word to my plans to review, and I can guarantee you that my Mandalorian views will be taking precedence. So for the early weeks of the season, I will try my hardest to get the review up on the same day, but then once the overlap begins, Mandalorian will take precedence on the Wednesday and I will try to get my The Bad Batch review up on the Thursday. And for weeks where there are multiple episodes of this show, I plan to still review each episode separately and hopefully release the review of the second episode the next day (or as soon after that as I can). If there any changes to my plan though, I will keep you all in the loop.

What did you think of the trailer?

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