LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar: Day 4

Where has this year gone?! It’s hard to believe that we’re already into December, but we really are into the final stretch of 2022, and with that comes something that I have been looking forward to for months: time to open the new LEGO Star Wars advent calendar. Last year was my first ever time getting the calendar, as one of my friends bought it for me, and I absolutely loved it, so had to get this year’s!

But rather than keep it to myself, I thought that this year it would be fun to chart this month’s gifts with you. So each day, I will be showing you the minikit that was behind that day’s door, allowing you to decide if the calendar is something you would consider purchasing in the future, but I will also then give a few details about the ship/item/character the kit is of.

So… let’s get going!

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 20222022 Advent Calendar:

  1. LAAT/i gunship
  2. Clone trooper – 212ᵗʰ Attack Battalion – Phase I armor
  3. Droid tri-fighter
  4. Acclamator-class Republic assault ship

Day 4 has given us a minikit of an Acclamator-class Republic assault ship. A forefather of the star destroyers, the Acclamator-class cruiser served primarily as a troop transport, capable of transporting troops across the galaxy and landing on either ground or water.

The Acclamator-class cruiser was crewed with 700 officers and enlisted crew. While it carried no starfighters, it carried 320 speeder bikes, 66 LAAT/is, 14 LAAT/cs (Low Altitude Assault Transport carriers—which had the trooper bay removed so that they could carry AT-TEs into battle), 48 AT-TEs, and 36 SPHA (Self-Propelled Heavy Artillery) walkers. The cruiser could carry a full legion of clone troopers— 9,000 fighting troops and 6,000 HQ and support troops. They additionally carried 6 months of consumables.

By the time of the Imperial Era, the Acclamator-class was considered an old model, however at least 1 was still in use in the final days of the Galactic Civil War: The Lodestar, which served as the flagship of New Republic General Hera Syndulla’s Barma Battle Group and the home of of Alphabet Squadron, Hail Squadron, Meteor Squadron, and Vanguard Squadron.

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What do you think of the minikit, and the advent calendar in general?

Thanks for reading. May the Force be with you….

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