Tales of the Jedi: A look to the future

While my focus over recent months has (understandably) been on Andor, Star Wars fans were also recently treated to the release of Tales of the Jedi, a series of 6 animated shorts:  following Ahsoka Tano and 3 following Count Dooku. And while I don’t think I would call them essential viewing, I really enjoyed them on the whole and would love to see the series continue with a handful of shorts each year, each time focusing on a different Jedi. So who else could benefit from a couple of shorts following them?

Tarre Viszla

Star Wars Rebels Tarre Vizsla Darksaber

With The Mandalorian introducing the masses to Mandalore, its culture and the Darksaber, why not introduce more fans to the Darksaber’s creator. The first ever Mandalorian Jedi, and former ruler of Mandalore would certainly have some exciting stories to show, while for years we have only been drip-fed the most basic information about him. It’s time to see his story expanded.

Barriss Offee

star wars series the clone wars s5e20 the wrong jedi barriss offee jedi temple guards

Padawan to Luminara Unduli and best friend to Ahsoka Tano, yet just a matter of years later she would turn against the Jedi and arrange the bombing of the Jedi Temple hangar and frame Ahsoka. I would love a couple of episodes to show us how such a turn came about, while it would also present an opportunity to show what happened to her after her arrest.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

star wars the phantom menace obi-wan kenobi

You may argue that, like Ahsoka, we know enough already. But there are still huge gaps in his life that we could look at. The moment that he was selected to be Qui-Gon’s padawan, falling in love with Satine during a mission to Mandalore, his 10 years of training Anakin before the outbreak of the Clone Wars… I’d even settle for a short showing him continuing his training under Qui-Gon following the end of his recent series.

Luke Skywalker

star wars characters luke skywalker the last jedi

Like Obi-Wan, you could say we have enough, but it would be simple enough to create 3 shorts for the original hero. I would love some form of adaptation of Luke’s creation of his second lightsaber, while shorts of him searching the galaxy to learn more about the Force and his reaction to Ben Solo turning to the dark side would give us a great combination of lore and emotion.


star wars the rise of skywalker rey yellow lightsaber

Whether you love or hate the Sequel Trilogy, I’m sure that many of you would agree that there has been long enough since the films ended that we should be starting to get some stories beyond that time. Well what better than a couple of shorts showing Rey as she and the galaxy adapt to the end of the war, while also seeing her decide on her path moving forward. And while we’re on the subject…


star wars the force awakens finn escape

After The Rise of Skywalker hinted at Finn being Force-sensitive, the LEGO Star Wars specials ran with the idea but cannot explicitly be considered canon. It’s about time that a character treated so badly in the movies got the respect that he deserves, with a trio of shorts showing that he is indeed Force-sensitive and showing his early training under Rey.

Ben Solo

star wars the rise of skywalker ben solo

How did Ben Solo fall? So far all we have heard is that Snoke tempted him, and then seen what happened when Luke confronted him. But a trio of shorts could easily make this more tragic by showing his fall to the dark side, while they could also hit us with real emotion with a short set on his journey to Exegol after renouncing the dark side, perhaps hinting that he was aware going back to help Rey would see him sacrifice himself.

The Grand Inquisitor

star wars series obi-wan kenobi trailer grand inquisitor reva third sister fifth brother

The Jedi Temple Guard who betrayed his order and became the leader of the Inquisitorius. I envision that a trio of shorts following this character would be similar to that of Dooku, with the first 2 showing events that leave him questioning the Jedi, leading to a final episode that sees him side with Palpatine and Darth Vader as the Jedi Temple is attacked.

The Jedi of the High Republic

And then of course we have the High Republic, an era that I have not personally touched yet but have heard many of people praise… and one that I know is full of Jedi, while The Acolyte being set at the end of this era would also allow us to be introduced to some of our lead characters with a couple of shorts that will give more depth to the character for those who have seen, but not be considered required viewing to understand and enjoy the show.

Who would you want to see feature if the series continues?

Thanks for reading. May the Force be with you….

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