My Star Wars Series Pitch

Something a little different from me today as I found my creative juices starting to flow during a walk over the weekend. Those who enjoy the wider canon beyond the movies and live-action series may recognise some of my inspirations as I go through, but I have tried to create a general story that would be something new to the Star Wars Disney+ slate.

So my pitch is actually very simple: a multi-season live-action series following a unit of stormtroopers through the Galactic Civil War, starting perhaps a year or 2 before the events of Rogue One. The first season can focus on the fight against a growing rebellion, with pirates and Saw Gerrera’s Partisans being the main antagonists (how better to make the Empire feel like the good guys), but then as the season goes on, a combination of a posting showing the dark side of the Empire and the reveal of the Death Star and the destruction of Jedha and Alderaan could leave some of the unit questioning the Empire, culminating in them defecting to the Rebellion in the season finale.

Future seasons could continue to cover the war then from the viewpoint of the remaining stormtroopers, but also bring in a Rebel viewpoint courtesy of the defectors, which could lead to some interesting dynamics if and when the two sides meet in the field of battle. Perhaps during this time, ore could think of defecting, while the ISB could come in as a new antagonist to make it difficult for the new prospective defectors.

And the series wouldn’t have to stop with the Battle of Endor, as some could find themselves still serving the Empire into Operation Cinder, which would likely lead more to defect to the New Republic, but some would remain loyal throughout, leading to the series finale finally showing us the Battle of Jakku in live action.

By following the unit for so long and focusing on a unit of troopers (who would also see new faces come in as others are killed/defect), it would allow a number of reactions to events. Imagine if 2 of the unit were from Alderaan, and the planet’s destruction led to one of them defecting while the other worked extra hard to prove their loyalty. Similarly, imagine if following a mission with Inferno Squad one of the unit became inspired to follow in their footsteps, then heard that Iden Versio and Del Meeko had defected to the New Republic during Operation Cinder; would they renounce their heroes or would that be the moment they realise the Empire is wrong?

Not only that, but a series like this would also be a way to feature a number of familiar characters in supporting roles. I’ve already mentioned Inferno Squad and Saw Gerrera and his Partisans above, but Mayfeld could also feature as a sharpshooter loaned to the unit for a mission and the Rebels could include cameos from Mon Mothma, Nien Nunb and Admiral Ackbar, while important characters like Rae Sloane and (in later series) Gallius Rax could make their live-action debuts, and we could even see some of the defectors serve alongside Twilight Company, Yendor or Jom Barrell.

While I recognise that this is yet another series in the same timeframe we’ve already seen so many stories, the difference here is the on-screen focus on the common trooper rather than the famous heroes, and it is also something giving us a heavy Imperial perspective such as we have never seen before, showing the shades of grey in the Empire caused by good people working for an evil organisation, while following the Empire through Operation Cinder and the Battle of Jakku to the end of the war would also show the fall of the Empire to a darker place.

What do you think of this pitch? What would you pitch if you had the chance?

Thanks for reading. May the Force be with you….

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