What happened next…?

Warning: This introduction contains spoilers for the finales of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Rebels

The finale of Obi-Wan Kenobi saw the Third Sister, Reva, turn away from the dark side but actually survive to the final credits—a rarity for Star Wars that is surely setting up a future series focused on her. Meanwhile, Ben’s farewell to Roken earlier in the episode, which saw him urging Roken to continue being a leader, certainly felt like they could also be setting up for that character to turn up elsewhere in the galaxy (which considering the quality of actor O’Shea Jackson Jr is would make sense).

Meanwhile, though details are still limited, everything seems to suggest that Ahsoka will be a sequel to Rebels and include the hunt for Ezra Bridger, who went missing at the end of the Liberation of Lothal (shortly before the Battle of Scarif) when Purrgils jumped to hyperspace while holding the Imperial Star Destroyer Chimaera, with both Bridger and Grand Admiral Thrawn still aboard. Oh, and we’re also getting a sequel to Jedi: Fallen Order, which will continue the story of Cal Kestis.

Both of these situations got me thinking about who else needs to have their story continued for one reason or another, so I have looked at some options across the multimedia galaxy whose stories need to be continued. These don’t have to be in movies or series, but games/comics or books would also do the job. Take note, I’m going to avoid the obvious ones like Rey, Finn and Poe as we haven’t really had much content taking us beyond The Rise of Skywalker yet, so these are just a given—please someone give me a novel of Rey and her padawan Finn setting up a new Jedi Order!

Be aware that if you are slowly making your way through all of the Star Wars multimedia canon, there may be spoilers as we go on

Qi’ra and Maul

Solo: A Star Wars Story ends with Qi’ra heading to Dathomir to join Maul in the running of Crimson Dawn. The next we see of either character in canon, Maul is stranded on Malachor approximately 7 years later while Qi’ra does not appear again in the canon for a further 6-7 years, at which point she is the leader of Crimson Dawn.

There is most certainly a great story here that we need to see. Qi’ra has lied to Maul about the death of Dryden Vos to protect Han Solo, will Maul realise the truth? Does Maul willingly leave Crimson Dawn or does Qi’ra oust him? With the quality of acting you can expect from Emilia Clarke and Sam Witwer having given Maul so many more dimensions with his incredible voicing, a movie or series would be incredible, but it certainly deserves at least a novel.

Thane Kyrell & Ciena Ree

star wars lost stars manga thane kyrell ciena ree

Released in September 2015, Lost Stars was one of the early books in Star Wars canon following the Disney takeover and in my opinion remains one of the truly great books, as it follows Thane and Cienna, 2 best friends and later lovers who find themselves on the opposite side of the Galactic Civil War following the destruction of Alderaan. With Thane becoming a part of the Rebellion and Cienna remaining loyal to the Empire and eventually being imprisoned following her capture during the Battle of Jakku (where the war was won), we are left with so many questions.

Can Cienna earn a release? Can she and Thane be together? Can she now find honour under the New Republic? Understandably a period of 25ish years of peace until the build-up to the Sequel Trilogy may not have led to the most exciting sequel, but with The Mandalorian setting up and Imperial remnant, and with one also suggested at the end of the novel, we now have a conflict just a few years after their story currently finished, and would give a Cienna a chance to either escape to the Imperial Remnant or instead join the New Republic and fight back.

Dear everyone who has any sway in the greenlighting of Star Wars novels: we need Lost Stars 2!!!

Quinlan Vos

star wars series the clone wars s3e9 the hunto for ziro quinlan vos obi-wan kenobi

So my prediction that Quinlan would appear in Obi-Wan Kenobi didn’t quite come true (though he did get name-dropped) but it certainly feels like we are building to his story being continued somewhere.

A Jedi Master who had a rare ability called psychometry, which allows him to sense the past by touching an object, Vos was an expert in the criminal underworld and at one point was even given the task of assassinating Count Dooku. He had already been confirmed as having survived Order 66, and now Obi-Wan Kenobi has suggested that he is still alive 10 years later and helping young Force-sensitives escape the the Empire alongside the Path. So that leaves us with a potential story of his escape during Order 66 and how he becomes involved with the Path, perhaps even going further and eventually seeing him sacrifice himself to keep the Path safe from Vader.

While a series would be great to see (I’ve heard Jason Momoa as a very interesting fan-casting), part of me would love to see Christie Golden write a novel after doing such a great job of writing him in Dark Disciple.

Twilight Company

star wars battlefront twilight company hazram namir

In my opinion, Alexander Freed’s Star Wars Battlefront: Twilight Company is a novel that I don’t see get enough love. Focusing on the guys on the ground rather than our famous heroes for a change, the story introduced us to a great group of characters, and while they have been mentioned in Freed’s Alphabet Squadron series, I feel that this is a group of characters who deserve another story.

Probably the big issue here is that their story is set not long before the Battle of Endor, so there are only a small number of campaigns between this and the end of the war. However like with Thane and Cienna, the appearance of Imperial remnants following the Battle of Jakku does leave us in a situation where we could see some characters (I would hope for Hazram Namir, the main character in the novel) potentially still in a career military role and finding themselves back in the fight against a fanatical enemy.

Eli Vanto

star wars comic thrawn 6 eli vanto

If you think of Thrawn as Sherlock Holmes, Vanto is very much his Watson in the novel Thrawn, but left the Empire to go help the Chiss Ascendency in their coming war against the Grysk. With all the set-up, it feels just a matter of time until we see this was played out. 

Now I assume that the war will be in the books, as it feels like Thrawn is being set up as an overarching villain for The Mandalorian, Ahsoka and other series in this era. But what if Vanto were to appear and tell Thrawn that the war has begun, could he convince Ezra and company to return with him to the Chiss Ascendency and help in the war, thereby allowing us to see the heroic Thrawn of the books?

Or, if his story is to continue without Thrawn, is this where he can step up and show himself the equal of his former commanding officer, working alongside Thrawn’s old ally Ar’alani to become a hero of the Ascendency?

Who else would you love to see have their stories continued?

Thanks for reading. May the Force be with you….

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