The Book of Boba Fett: Chapter 7

Welcome to my weekly review of The Book of Boba Fett, where I will be walking us though each episode and giving my thoughts on the show. My reviews will follow my usual format: an overview of the plot (so be aware, there will be spoilers!), my review of the show, then a few “Moments in canon” – references that link to other media and the galaxy as a whole. Today, we’ll be looking at the season 1 (or maybe series) finale, Chapter 7: “In the Name of Honor”.

star wars series the book of boba fett poster finale

Plot Summary

Boba and Fennec visit the remains of Sanctuary, and it is clear to Boba that the war has begun and worries that even in victory, Mos Espa could be destroyed. Din Djarin arrives and informs them that Cobb Vanth is going to bring a garrison from Freetown. He explains that they will fight for free, preferring instead an end to the spice trade. Fennec pushes back as this was the majority of Jabba’s business so would be providing a large portion of Boba’s credits, but Boba agrees to the terms, noting that in the long run, it could help lead to a more prosperous Mos Espa under his protection. Knowing they are outnumbered until the Freetown garrison arrives, Boba intends to hold their ground back at the palace, but Skad and Drash convince him that they should instead fight from Sanctuary as returning to the Palace will be abandoning the people who are under their protection.

Cad Bane returns to the Pykes in Mos Eisley and informs them that Cobb Vanth and Mos Pelgo have been dealt with. Mok Shaiz is present and recouns that Boba was part of a tribe of Tuskens, and asks if they could be a threat, but the Pykes explain that they destroyed the tribe and made it look like the Kintan Striders were responsible. The Pykes tell Cad Bane that Fett is digging in at the remains of Sanctuary, and the bounty hunter comes up with a plan to draw him out.

Meanwhile, an X-Wing arrives at Mos Eisley and lands at Peli Motto’s hangar. Peli finds Grog in the cockpit, while Artoo, who has piloted the fighter asks where he can find Din Djarin. Peli explains that he is working in Mos Espa and takes Grogu to feed him.

“I thought you said nobody could sneak up on us.”

While Din, Fennec and Boba hunker down in the Sanctuary remains, Fennec informs Din that the Pykes are still in limited numbers at the moment, but that they have spread their forces amongst the territories—Krrsantan in the Trandoshan territory, the Gamorreans in the Klatooinian territory and the Mods in the Aqualish territory—to get early warning when more Pykes arrive. Cad Bane arrives to negotiate for the Pykes and Boba goes out to meet him. Bane reveals that no reinforcements will be coming as he dealt with Freetown, and reveals the truth about the destruction of Boba’s Tusken tribe, trying to goad him into a duel, however Fennec convinces him not to be drawn out and Bane leaves.

In all 3 territories of Mos Espa, the families who had agreed to stay neutral turn on Boba’s forces. Drash contacts Fennec to warn them as the Mods are forced to take cover, with many getting killed, while one of the Gamorreans also gets off a message before the pair are killed. Retreating inside Sanctuary, Fennec states that they need to hit the Pykes at the top as quickly as they can, and they threaten Mok Shaiz’s majordomo into revealing that the Pykes still operate in Mos Eisley out of the Desert Service Office. Fennec takes a speeder bike and rushes off; she takes routs the Aqualish attacking the mods and makes her way to Mos Eisley.

Pyke forces arrive and besiege Sanctuary. Boba gives Din a chance to leave, but Din choses to stand by his Creed and stay. The majordomo makes a suggestion to avoid histilities, suggesting that he could help negotiate a peace that would allow Boba to leave peacefully if he renounce his claim. Boba agrees to the plan and quickly writes some terms for his surrender, giving them to the majordomo, who promptly makes his way out to the Pykes. However as the majordomo begins reading the terms to the Pykes, it becomes apparent that Boba was instead offering terms for the Pykes’ surrender rather than Boba’s.

“I can’t abandon Mos Espa. These people are counting on me.”

“OK, then. We’ll both die in the name of honour.”

“You sure you wanna stay?”

“This is the Way.”

Using the majordomo as a distraction, Boba and Din attack, and while the element of surprise and the mobility provided by their jetpacks gives them an early advantage, the sheer number of Pykes begins to overwhelm them. However the Pykes get attacked from the side by the arriving garrison from Freetown—led by Taanti the bartender and Jo—while the surviving mods and a badly injured Krrsantan arrive shortly after. The levelling of numbers and firepower sees the Pykes pull back, however they send in a pair of Scorpenek droids—droids with canons and personal shield generators which render the group’s weapons useless. Din and Boba provide a distraction while the rest of the group fall back, though one of the droids does eventually chase them when Boba is forced to fly away for reinforcements.

Retreating through the city, Drash picks a point in which to bunker down and fight back, knowing that any further retreat will leave them cornered and without cover. as they take cover from the onslaught from the droid and accompanying Pykes, Drash thinks of a plan that will help them fight back and goes with Jo to take up a rooftop position nearby, from which they are able to shoot a number of the Pykes. Trying to lead the other droid to the far side of the city, Din runs into Peli and her droids, who were delivering Grogu back to him. The group are chased through the city by the droid, until Boba arrives on the back of hs rancor. The first droid is eventually destroyed by Boba, Din and the rancor, with a little help from Grogu, and the group move on to take out the droid attacking the rest of their forces.

With the droids destroyed, Boba goes after Bane on the rancor, but Bane uses his flamethrower to scare off the rancor, causing Boba to be thrown off. Bane beats Boba on the quick draw, and though Boba’s beskar armour protects him, he is knocked to the floor. Bane rips off Boba’s helmet and prepares to shoot him in the head, but Boba rolls, taking she shot on his beskar and using his gaffi stick to trip Bane before stabbing him in the chest, killing him.

As the rancor runs wild in the city, Din attempts to ride it to take control, which leads to the ranor attacking and dazing him. As the rancor comes towards him again, Grogu steps between them and uses the Force to calm the rancor to sleep.

At the Desert Service Office in Mos Eisley, Fennec kills Mok Shaiz, the families of the 3 Mos Espa crime families and all the Pykes present.

Some time later, Boba, Fennec, Krrsantan and the Mods make their way through the streets of Mos Espa while Fett’s people rebuild the city, but look happy at the prospect of a bright future. Meanwhile Din and Grogu leave Tatooine in Din’s N-1 starfighter.

In a mid-credit scene, Cobb Vanth is in the palace’s bacta tank, while the modifier prepares to operate.

star wars series the book of boba fett chapter 7 In the Name of Honor boba fett cad bane rancor


I can’t help feel that though it stuck the landing and as good as it was, this finale struggled to live up to the last couple of weeks, though that is somewhat understandable given the quality of last week.

So first of all, let me get my issue with the last couple of weeks out of the way, and it turns out that all the Grogu and Din Djarin stuff was vital to the story being told, but should it have been? The Book of Boba Fett became vital viewing for viewers of The Mandalorian and if someone is not aware, they are going to get very confused as to why season 2 ends with Grogu leaving with Luke and season 3 starts with Grogu and Din flying around in an N-1 starfighter with Din’s spear suddenly gone and Grogu wearing a chainmail top under his clothes. Not only that but so many of the questions left unanswered by the first 2 seasons of The Mandalorian were answered in The Book of Boba Fett. If these shows—and upcoming shows like Ahsoka and Rangers of the New Republic (assuming it still comes to pass)—are all going to be so interlinked that they are required viewing in under to understand the stories, then they should have all been under one title, such as “Tales of the Outer Rim”. As part of a wider story, this was a great season finale. As a potential series finale to The Book of Boba Fett, it was good, but I feel that our Fett characters were sometimes overshadowed by the exploits of the visitors from Mando.

“Can you pick off some of the fighters?”

“I’m used to desert hunting. Can’t miss at this range.”

I can’t help but think that this show would have benefitted from another episode focused on the Fett Gotra, as while I felt scared for Santo and surprisingly emotional at the deaths of the Gamorreans, the Mods never quite worked how they could and should have. While they felt better this week, I never felt the connection to them that I did many other characters, which would have made the ambush on them much more nerve wracking—my worry for Cobb when Bane arrived last week being a prime example of this done right. Just small things like this could have made the episode and the show as a whole so much stronger.

Moving away from that, though, the action was great, with some quality firefights, while both the droids and the rancor looked incredible. And I absolutely loved the way that Boba killed Cad Bane, utilising his gaffi stick to best him. Boba is a different man, who has been bettered by his time with the tribe, and much like how the spear added something more to DIn as a fighter, the gaffi stick now does the same for Boba.

I do however have an important question about Boba in this series, one which Bane even asked near the end. What’s his angle? Though he will often call himself a daimyo (in feudal Japan, they were feudal lords who, as leaders of powerful warrior bands, controlled the provinces of Japan while being subordinate to the shōgun) and yet he also refers to himself as a crime boss and talks about ways to get rich. And yet in this episode we see him putting the people above everything and even agreeing to end the spice trade. Considering this was his show, his motives have been anything but clear, and I think that an extra episode focused on the Fett Gotra would have really benefited Boba’s character and clarified this.

So what now? Do we get another season? Will Boba and Fennec go back to just being allies of Din Djarin if he is in the neighbourhood or in desperate need of help? Is the scene in the credits hinting towards a Cobb Vanth show? Only time will tell.

“I knew you were a killer.”

A few final thoughts on the episode:

  • I enjoyed the slightly different version of the end credits theme this time, which had some extra vocals added. The music has once again been a high point of this series!
  • Having Artoo fly the X-Wing was a clever way of saving costs on more deep-faked Luke Skywalker
  • This series had an issue with displaying death. Even weeks on from what I felt was the clear death of The Warrior, so many fans felt that she was still alive as we never saw a body. Last week there were fears for Cobb Vanth’s fate though it looked like a non-lethal shot, but then all he dialogue in this episode made it seem that he had died, only for him to appear in the credit scene. I can head-canon that Fennec ran into the Freetown garrison on the way to Mos Eisley and directed them to take Vanth to the palace, but considering we spent time listening to Peli talking rubbish about Grogu’s name and feeding him, could we not have seen something or at least had a line to make Vanth’s situation clearer?
  • Even last week I was already seeing people who were unhappy at the thought of Grogu giving up his Jedi training to return to Din. To me, it felt right, and next week I’m planning to post a theory on how Grogu’s story could continue. Stay tuned!
  • Frankly the majordomo started really grating on me on these last couple of episodes—though i loved the idea that he studied at a finishing academy on Coruscant as a reason for why he seems out of place—but I just found myself wishing Boba was the kind of guy to kill an unarmed prisoner

star wars series the book of boba fett chapter 7 In the Name of Honor boba fett din djarin

Moments in Canon

  • Last week I discussed Boba and Cad Bane’s history, which we see alluded to in their dialogue this week
  • The Scorpenek droids are heavy weapon variations of the droidekas seen in the Trade Federation and CIS armies. This is the first time in live action the shields have really been explained: being able to stop any energy weapons or rapidly moving ballistics.

star wars series the book of boba fett chapter 7 In the Name of Honor Scorpenek droid pykes drash jo

What did you think of the episode?

Thanks for reading. Think it through….

2 thoughts on “The Book of Boba Fett: Chapter 7

  1. I did like this finale, it had some great action and hit all the points: Boba riding the rancor, Grogu coming back to Din, the fate of Cobb Vanth. Was the series perfect? Nah. But there were some perfect moments. I particularly loved how Boba killed Cad Bane with the gaffi stick rather than with his blaster, it was fitting.

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