Galactic Histories: Heroes of the Clone Wars – Delta Squad

Welcome to the latest instalment of my Galactic Histories series, a series of articles that looks at events and characters throughout the Star Wars canon. Generally speaking, this will often focus largely on characters or events that go beyond the movies, to help people get to know the wider canon a little better and see if there is anything that catches their interest.

Within this series, this will be first of a miniseries subtitled Heroes of the Clone Wars. In the live action movies, we only get to see the beginning and the end of the conflict, and yet the war raged over 3 years. Now when you hear about heroes of the Clone Wars, I imagine that your mind automatically goes to the Jedi, who are the focus of the movies, but I will instead be focusing on the clones of Jango Fett, who were born to fight and die for the Republic. In this miniseries, I will be looking at many of these clones and their histories, breaking things down by looking at a specific unit per article. Of course, some clones I will be covering will have featured in more than 1 of these units, so I will be specifically focusing on their exploits in the unit I am covering at that time.

This will contain spoilers for The Clone Wars and The Bad Batch

Heroes of the Clone Wars

For this article, I am looking at Delta Squad. A squad of 4 clone commandos, Delta Squad was a special forces unit active during the Clone Wars. While most of their exploits would currently be considered Legends, one notable mission saw them recover the bodies of the Jedi General Halsey and his Padawan Knox from Devaron, while also bringing back intel that made the Jedi Council aware that the Separatists had a new warrior: Savage Opress.


star wars series the clone wars s3e14 witches of the mist obi-wan kenobi boss scorchAs his nickname would suggest, RC-1138 “Boss” was the leader of Delta Squad. A clone sergeant, Boss personally delivered word of the massacre at Devaron to the awaiting members of the Jedi High Council—Obi-Wan Kenobi, Plo Koon, Saesee Tiin, and Adi Gallia—immediately upon Delta Squad’s arrival at Coruscant.


star wars character fixer trading cardRC-1140, nicknamed “Fixer” was Boss’ second-in-command within the Delta Squad hierarchy. While a capable soldier, Fixer’s specialist role within the unit was that of a slicer.


star wars series the clone wars s3e14 witches of the mist saesee tiin adi gallia sevRC-1207 “Sev” was a member of Delta Squad. With so much of Delta Squad’s exploits currently only a legend, Sev’s fate is unclear, but legends suggest that he was listed as Missing In Action after being left behind during a mission on Kashyyyk.


star wars series the bad batch s1e14 war-mantle scorchRC-1262, nicknamed Scorch, was the final member of Delta Squad. Following the Clone Wars and the Republic’s transition into the Empire, Scorch continued in the Imperial army. One of 50 clone commandos stationed at a facility on Daro, Scorch was involved in the training of some of the early TK-units—non-clone conscripted soldiers. When the rogue clone special forces unit Clone Force 99 attempted to break out a clone commando who had been detained for desertion, Scorch was involved in the Imperial attempts to recapture the commando along with Clone Force 99. While their attempts largely failed, they did manager to capture the leader of Clone Force 99, Hunter.

Thanks for reading. Good soldiers follow orders….

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