Disney+ Day

With The Book of Boba Fett just over a month away and a number of other shows set for 2022, Star Wars fans were eagerly awaiting today’s Disney+ Day announcements. But I doubt any of us were expecting the announcement of a series all about Echo, considering he is currently part of the Bad Batch… oh that was one of about a hundred Marvel properties discussed.

In what truly felt like a shambles of an event—with no live stream, everything was coming through a series of social media posts—Star Wars fans found themselves mightily disappointed as Marvel fans were treated to footage from HawkeyeShe-Hulk and Moon Knight and announcements of several new shows, while us Star Wars fans got a 20 minute documentary about Boba Fett’s creation released on the streaming service, and a short sizzle reel for Obi-Wan Kenobi that was shown at last year’s Investors day and leaked on Thursday. Once again, the people at the top of Lucasfilm showing they don’t have a clue how to treat this franchise.

I’d held off writing anything this week in expectation of having at least a teaser or 2 to look over from this event, if not some news on the status of shows like Rangers of the New Republic and casting announcements for Ahsoka. So this is going to be a lot shorter than I expected, but I will discuss a few points from the sizzle reel.

While the only footage we saw (besides some shots of Ewan training and some interviews) was from the movies, we did get some concept art. And though we can’t necessarily take too much from it, there are some things worth taking note of:

  • A shot of Kenobi fighting Vader – this is not a flashback as it is Vader in his armour. What wasn’t quite so clear was if the background was somewhere on fire, or potentially lava, which could suggest a return to Mustafar for Obi-Wan
  • Given the appearance of Vader’s Castle on Mustafar in Rogue One and a shot of Vader receiving a hologram while there in the concept art, it feels a given that we will see the planet at least once
  • The talk has always been about who the villains could be in this series, but one piece of concept art may have given a suggestion, with what appeared to be an Inquisitor leaving an Imperial shuttle. We know from Rebels that a number of Inquisitors are sill active at this time, while an Inquisitor gives us a great enemy to fight and defeat in a lightsaber duel while still putting up a challenge


What are your thoughts on the sizzle reel and today’s event?

Thanks for reading. May the Force be with you….

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