The Book of Boba Fett: 1ˢᵗ Trailer

With Disney + Day coming soon, Star Wars fans had a huge shock this week with the release of not just a new poster for The Book of Boba Fett, but also our first trailer for the series, which is coming at the end of December.

As is usually my way when we get a new trailer, I’ve given it a watch (or ten!) so will be giving my thoughts and a couple of predictions, so be aware that there is the potential for spoilers from my speculating.

So, as usual… WOW! Live action Star Wars has never looked better than in these modern days, which gets the perfect blend between CGI/technology and practical effects, while the trailer hints towards another brilliant score from Ludwig Göransson.

What I love is that the trailer doesn’t really give much away with regards to the plot, other than to show that Boba has taken over at Jabba’s old Palace and appears to be looking to consolidate power by bringing together other members in the criminal underworld. What is really interesting though, is how Boba’s motivations are not being made clear. Is he looking to become the next crime boss, or does he have something more legitimate in line? I love this though, as it means that I am going into this with barely any expectations, so can just enjoy the show for what it is. I would happily go into the series with no more footage ahead of time!

Now what the secrecy in the trailer does mean is that there is very little I can predict with any degree of confidence, but I do have a few predictions:

The big city that we see looks so much larger than Mos Eisley/Mos Espa, with it appearing to fill he canyon and also be on top of the surrounding cliffs. As such, I believe that this will be Bestine, the capital of Tatooine, and whoever Boba is going to see here will either be a valuable ally or potentially the main antagonist of the season.

One shot that felt a little out of place in the trailer was of a group of Tusken Raiders, who appear to be walking through the desert in the early stages of a sandstorm. In the deleted scenes from Return of the Jedi (which are considered canon until proved otherwise), by the time our heroes got from Jabba’s sail barge to the Millennium Falcon and Luke’s X-Wing, there was a sandstorm. I believe that this is the very same sandstorm, and what we are seeing is a flashback of Boba escaping the Sarlacc and being found by this tribe of Tuskens. Potentially we may get a few flashbacks through the series, including one to explain why Boba apparently never tried to take his armour back from Cobb Vanth—though I admit this is more through a hope to get more of Vanth, who I absolutely loved in The Mandalorian.

star wars series book of boba fett poster

What did you think of the trailer? Any predictions?

Thank you for reading. Please… Speak freely.

3 thoughts on “The Book of Boba Fett: 1ˢᵗ Trailer

  1. This was one of the shows that I wasn’t particularly excited about, as I was never a big Boba Fett fan or of the criminal underworld. The Mandalorian did make him more interesting, though. And I had the same “meh” attitude toward Visions and ended up really liking it, so I’ll probably like this one, too. Just happy to have more Star Wars coming!

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