Who will we see in The Bad Batch?

Over the last few weeks, I have had a look at a number of upcoming Star Wars properties and tried predicting who could appear. But there is one property that I have not yet covered, and that is actually the one coming out soonest: The Bad Batch. Starting on May 4ᵗʰ, The Bad Batch will be following Clone Force 99 – made up of clones Hunter, Wrecker, Crosshair, Tech and Echo – as they adapt to the end of the Clone Wars and the Rise of the Empire.

The trailers have already teased the appearance of both Grand Moff Tarkin and Fennec Shand, but who else could appear in the show?


star wars revenge of the sith order 66 cody

 While so many of our favourite characters have had their stories expanded beyond the end of the Clone Wars (assuming they survived), Commander Cody has been one character who has remained absent. One of the top clones in the Grand Army of the Republic, we last saw Cody coordinating the hunt for Obi-Wan following Order 66. Was he killed for his failure? Did he become an elite officer in the Empire, or did he realise that he had been controlled and remove his chip? Personally, as much as it would hurt, I would love to see Cody remain loyal to the Empire and taking control of a task force that is chasing after the Bad Batch, which would have an extra emotional edge due to him having worked with Echo on multiple occasions.

Delta Squad

Star Wars characters Delta Squad clones

I just suggested the idea of Cody taking control of a task force to hunt down the Bad Batch, and who better to hunt down an elite clone unit than another elite clone unit – Delta Squad. Already a part of the canon due to a quick appearance in The Clone Wars, Delta Squad would provide a capable threat to the Bad Batch while also expanding on the clone commandos, who were largely unused during The Clone Wars. Plus just imagine an episode with just Cody, the Bad Batch and Delta Squad making up the majority of the dialogue – someone pay Dee Bradley Baker extra!

Rex, Gregor & Wolffe

star wars rebels s2e2 the lost commanders wolffe rex gregor

Moving from potential antagonists to potential allies, The Bad Batch could give us the chance to see how Wolffe and Gregor came to remove their control chips and join up with Rex. What if Gregor’s unhinged nature brought him into contact with the Bad Batch as he was being considered as a potential member, while I wouldn’t be surprised to see Wolffe having some guilt over likely taking part in Order 66. Imagine if it turned out that there were originally more clones too, but that as part of some escape, other clones sacrificed themselves to allow their old commanders to escape – Boil is a character who comes to min here as one of the more famous clones from The Clone Wars whose fate is currently unknown.

Boba Fett

It has already been suggested that the series will see the Bad Batch spend some time dealing with the criminal underworld, so an appearance for Boba would not be out of place. We saw the character’s growth during The Clone Wars and perhaps this could be shown further by having him appear here, recognising that these clones are his brothers, but also that he is different to them. With Fennec Shand already appearing, it is easy enough to imagine that they could appear at the same time, setting up a backstory to explain why he saved her following the events of The Mandalorian Chapter 5.

The Cloud Riders

star wars solo a star wars story enfys nest weazel cloud riders

How great would it be to see the Cloud Riders return? I loved their appearance in Solo: A Star Wars Story and think that an earlier version of them – led by Enfys Nest’s mother – could fit in as potential allies or antagonists for the Bad Batch, depending on their role within the criminal underworld. Bringing them into this show could help to set them us for a story of their own in the future, either on screen or in a book/comic.


So those are some of my predictions, who do you think could pop up and who would you like to see?

Thanks for reading. Good soldiers follow orders….

3 thoughts on “Who will we see in The Bad Batch?

  1. I’d love to see all of these guys, but especially Cody, Rex, Wolfe and Gregor. I especially want to find out how Gregor got so…odd. He wasn’t like that in the Clone Wars. I’m guessing something to do with Order 66, but details would be nice.


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