Let me pitch you some stories…

Anyone who visits my flat could hardly miss that I love reading Star Wars stories as there are downs of books literally as you walk in! I’m slowly making my way through the canon stories and while I still have loads to catch up on, I also can’t help but think of other great stories that I would love to see written to expand the universe or give us more of some characters.

So without further ado, let me pitch some of these to you. Please be aware that these are all new stories rather than sequels, otherwise a Lost Stars 2 would be top of this list!

Boba Fett

star wars series the mandalorian chapter 14 the tragedy boba fett

So this one is going on the assumption that The Book of Boba Fett will follow on from the end of The Mandalorian season 2.

My Boba Fett story would answer the questions of how he escaped the sarlacc, how he lost his armour and why he never took it from Cobb Vanth, while also going deeper into the character.

The main story could pick up during or just after the events of The Empire Strikes Back and follow Boba as he takes Han to Jabba the Hutt and stays there, giving his point of view of the events of Return of the Jedi and then showing his escape from the sarlacc and what he did for the next 5 years before his appearance in The Mandalorian.

While this would be the main story, there would also be a second Fett story being told in flashback through the book that would show the events of the cancelled The Clone Wars arc that would have seen Boba being trained by Cad Bane, and ended with the pair in a fight. Both of these stories unfolding simultaneously could help to show Boba growing into a more honourable character, perhaps even deciding to let Cobb Vanth keep his armour as it was being used for good, and only wanting to get it back once Din took it.


star wars series the mandalorian chapter 4 sanctuary omera winta

This one would probably be more of a comic in my mind, but answer some questions about Omera’s past ahead of her appearance in The Mandalorian. We know from the episode that she is a widow and that she is trained in firearms, but why? A short 5-issue comic could tell a story of what happened to her husband, why she ended up in this village in the middle of nowhere on Sorgan and why she is such a reliable shot.


star wars series the mandalorian chapter 12 the siege cara dune

Though I don’t want to see Gina Carano allowed to continue in Star Wars, I love the character of Cara Dune and think that a prequel story for her could make a great adult novel.

This story could cover Cara’s entire time fighting for the Rebellion and the New Republic, showing what convinced her to fight – was it revenge for Alderaan or was she already a part of the fight? As a member of the Rebel Alliance from Alderaan, it would have a chance to draw in other characters associated with the planet, like the Larte sisters from Ahsoka and Evaan Verlaine. Making it an adult novel would allow it to show the horrors of battle, similar to Star Wars Battlefront: Twilight Company and give us another story of the darker parts of the war from a soldier’s point of view.

Crimson Dawn

Another that I feel would make a solid adult novel (or maybe even multiple novels) would be continuing on the events of Solo: A Star Wars Story with a focus on Qi’ra and Maul working together at the head of Crimson Dawn.

So far, we have a gap of about 8 years in Maul’s history between the events of the movie and his reappearance in Rebels, and in that time it looks like he needs to lose the leadership of Crimson Dawn (assuming they even still exist) and become marooned on Malachor.

Showing this story would be a great continuation of 2 wonderful characters – Qi’ra and Maul – and could even have Han playa role on the side, potentially with his life coming under threat causing Qi’ra to move against Maul.


Delta Squad

Star Wars characters Delta Squad clones

Delta Squad were the heroes of the Republic Commando video game and books, but that is all Legends now. However, they are canon, courtesy of a quick appearance in The Clone Wars, in the opening scene of “Witches of the Mist”.

This would be an opportunity to create a whole new story for Boss, Fixer, Scorch and Sev, with a trilogy allowing the story to show their formation, some key operations during the Clone Wars, their role in Order 66 and the rise of the Empire.


Do any of these stories sound interesting to you? Let me know if you have any ideas for stories you’d love to see.

Thanks for reading. May the Force be with you….

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