The Mandalorian Season 2 Trailer

With season 2 of The Mandalorian due to release at the end of October, we finally have the trailer that people have been hoping for. Personally, I could have happily gone into the season completely blind, but I understand that promotion is needed for those who haven’t been waiting all year for the series to return. And with there being a trailer available, I was far too curious to not watch and give my thoughts.

Please be aware, the below will contain predictions that could prove to be true and also allude to casting stories, so if you want to go into season 2 completely blind, continue at your own risk.

Once again the footage looks great and I love the sound of the trailer, which sounds like it includes a new track by The Hu, who also featured on Jedi: Fallen Order, so this helps give some familiarity to the universe. The majority of the dialogue we hear is taken from Chapter 8 of season 1’s discussion between Din and the Armorer, and is a good way of reminding the audience that Din’s mission right now is to take The Child back to his people.

I was nervous that the trailer would reveal a number of familiar characters coming into the show, what with the number of names that have been announced in the media but not confirmed by Lucasfilm, so I was pleasantly surprised to only see Sasha Banks appear (or at least obviously appear) in the trailer and I can’t wait to see who this mysterious woman is. I will say though that the shot of the Razor Crest coming into Tatooine makes me feel very confident about Timothy Olyphant appearing as Cobb Vanth – a character from the Aftermath Trilogy, who is heavily hinted to be wearing Boba Fett’s armour.

Aside from Tatooine, there is a shot of Greef and Cara on Nevarro, and it looks like things are going well for them and their settlement. There are also some shots suggesting a strong Imperial presence on the planet, though, with multiple Outland TIE Fighters and a group of scout troopers on speeder bikes, while another shot shows troopers running through a corridor, though it is unclear if that is a base on the planet or potentially inside a Star Destroyer.

Other than that, though, we have a set of new locations that will just leave us with new questions. Is the ice planet we see Ilum, a former place of Jedi pilgrimage to get a lightsaber crystal, that was excavated by the Empire and eventually became the First Order’s Starkiller Base? With so many Quarren on the docks and in the boat we see Din on, are we getting our first look at Mon Cala in live action? Is the Razor Crest being chased by the 2 X-wings, or is are they working with Din? What has caused the Razor Crest issues now to have the trailer open with it having a failing engine and the main door to the hold wide open?

I’m very interested by the urban area we see in this trailer, which looks like a neighbourhood you wouldn’t want to go into without some form of weaponry. I’m fairly certain that the fighting hall with the Gamorreans fighting in what looked like a boxing ring will be in this neighbourhood and it looked a great setup for some underground dealing. I also really like how we got one quick tease of The Child’s continued run as the best character in the show (by popular vote) with his shutting himself safely in his cot the moment he notices Din prepping his whistling birds, while I loved the way the fight was teased by mainly just giving us audio against a blank screen and returning to see the final opponent fall – maybe they learned from basically showing us all of season 1’s bar fight in the trailers and leaving very little for the show.

feat series the mandalorian season 2 poster

Am I excited for the show? Most definitely. Do I need to see any more promotional material? No, I’d much rather go in blind as I trust those involved to create a great product.

What do you think about this trailer and the upcoming season?

I am intending to review each of the episodes as they come out – hopefully on the day but maybe over the weekend, depending what time the episodes are available here in the UK. So if that is something you’re interested in, keep an eye open on my social media or bookmark/subscribe to this site.

Thanks for reading.

This is the Way.

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