Star Wars: Squadrons – Single Player Preview

With the release of Star Wars: Squadrons just over a month away, EA released a short preview video for the single player campaign. It still feels like we have go very little information on the story campaign, so I’m here to give a few thoughts on what we learn from this video.

The video starts with a rousing speech from Leia to help set the scene, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she features in a minor role, either in the flesh or as a hologram. We do get confirmation of some familiar names we will see though, in the form of Hera Syndulla and Wedge Antilles for the New Republic and Rae Sloane for the Imperials.

The movies may have largely ignored the wider canon, but the series, games, books and comics have all done a great job of connecting everything together. We hear all about the Starhawks in the Aftermath Trilogy and it is great that not only are we finally seeing them, but it looks like they will have a large role in the story.

It feels like the Imperial story will focus on the attempts to take out the Starhawks before they can be used against the remains of the Imperial fleet,while I can imagine that the New Republic story will be hunting down Imperials in hiding and also protecting some potential targets for the Imperials.

The multiplayer has limited modes, but it looks like we will not just be doing variations of these in the campaign, as the video highlights an early Imperial mission where you are escorting a spy to safety, while I would be shocked if some missions are not some variation of bombing runs on the enemy’s space stations.

The game continues to look exciting and something very different to what we have got before, and I can’t wait to get myself in the different ships to see how different they all feel. I’ve got my copy of the game on pre-order, so bring on October!

What do you think about the footage? Thanks for reading. Red Five, standing by!

feat star wars squadrons trailer pilots squadron star destroyer

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