31 Star Wars questions to get to know me

Throughout May, anyone who followed my Instagram account may have noticed that I was posting a daily story answering a question but together by fellow Instagrammer neekuvozo. With the month now over, I decided that it would be fun to post my answers here, which would also give me a chance to expand on some of my answers.

Star Wars Questions Tab by @neekuvozo

Day 1: Favourite era? So initially I thought the Original Trilogy era as I would consider this my favourite era, but then I stopped to think about it and, though the movies may not rank as high, the stories give to us in The Clone Wars and stories like Dark Disciple make the Prequel Trilogy era my favourite

Day 2: Favourite movie? I wrote recently about how my top 3 films are somewhat interchangeable, but more often than not, it’s The Empire Strikes Back that takes the top spot. It enhances all the main characters while bringing in great new ones like Lando. The Battle of Hoth is incredible and we get one of the greatest twists in movie history

Day 3: Light side or dark side? “We don’t choose the light because we want to win. We choose it because it is the light” – Rael Aveross, Master & Apprentice

Day 4: Favourite headcanon? It always felt odd that a character as strong as Padmé would lose the will to live after Anakin fell to the dark side, especially considering she had wins to look after. I then heard this theory that fit far too well for me so this has become my headcanon until something specifically proves otherwise: Padmé did not lose the will to live, but instead had her life essence stolen by Palpatine to keep Darth Vader alive. It was a droid that could find no medical reason for her fading, but a droid would not understand the Force, while we also know that Palpatine was capable of some dark Sith magics. It also explains how Palpatine knew Padmé had died despite her being in a secret location and thematically works well as she dies as Vader is reborn in his armour

Day 5: Favourite Clone Wars episode/arc? This final arc the Seige of Mandalore and Order 66 was absolutely incredible and has probably become my favourite, though part of that may be a recency bias. Prior to this, The Umbara Arc, The Citadel Arc and the Mortis Arc were probably my favourites

Day 6: Favourite Clone Wars character? If you’d told me when I watched the movie and early episodes of season 1 that Ahsoka Tano would be one of my favourite characters of all time, I wouldn’t have believed you. But she grew so much as a character, I was in tears watching her leave the Jedi Order and was so glad to see her return

Day 7: Favourite clone trooper? Rex is my absolute favourite again due largely to how he develops over the space of the series, though I appreciate that this is something that most clones didn’t get the chance to do due to only being in a dozen or so episodes

Day 8: Favourite Jedi? So this was a hard choice for me between Obi-Wan and Ahsoka Tano, but in the end I decided to go with Obi-Wan as he remained a Jedi all of his life, while Ahsoka never really considered herself a Jedi after leaving the Order

Day 9: Favourite Sith/Dark side character? So without a doubt, the answer is Darth Maul. He was an incredible villain in The Phantom Menace and though I was not immediately sold on the idea of him returning in The Clone Wars, Dave Filoni and the crew did a fantastic job of crafting his story and Sam Witwer was the perfect voice for him. Keep an eye out over the coming weeks for my article highlighting how his life was a tragedy rather than the story of someone inherently evil

Day 10: Favourite lightsaber? This was a difficult one for me, but I eventually settled on Rey’s lightsaber at the end of The Rise of Skywalker. Being the only yellow saber we have seen outside of the Jedi Temple Guards makes it somewhat unique and I loved how it looks like the saber has been made from Rey’s old staff. I’d love to get more story around its creation and Rey finding her crystal.

Day 11: Canon or Legends? Well my site is called The Canon Padawan, so I think it’s pretty obvious! At the time that I had disposable income to look at the wider universe, the canon had recently been reset, so it was the perfect time for me to jump headfirst into Star Wars.

Day 12: Unpopular opinion? So maybe it isn’t an unpopular opinion, but those who think otherwise are far more vocal, but I think that Alden Ehrenreich was a great Han Solo. No he doesn’t look/act exactly like Harrison Ford’s Han, but people change a lot in 10 years, and there were definitely moments in there that were very Harrison Ford-esque. I’d love to see him return as Han in the future #MakeSolo2Happen

Day 13: Favourite ship? Look, I’m not really into shipping. Nothing against those who are (unless you try to force that on all of us) but I generally try to stick to what is actually given to us

Day 14: Favourite ship (actual ship)? So I eventually narrowed it down to 2 but couldn’t pick between them: the Millennium Falcon and the Ghost

Day 15: Favourite Battle? I had to go for the Battle of Scarif as I think that no other battle (other than Endor) gets the balance between the ground and space battle so well, while the increased technology for filming makes the Battle of Scarif look so good

Day 16: Favourite Planet? So I took this as which I would want to live on and went for Naboo. While being technologically advanced, it remains looking so beautiful and peaceful, while also not being a burning desert/freezing ice planet

Day 17: Favourite weapon? Surely everyone is going to say a lightsaber here? Who wouldn’t want a lazer sword that can cut through pretty much any material and deflect blaster bolts?!

Day 18: Who shot first? Han Solo, debate over. I’ll never understand why George changed this as the CG head jerk looks awful and not having him shoot first changes his character

Day 19: Invite 3 characters to dinner So I chose Ahsoka, Rex and Rey. I’d love to hear Ahsoka and Rex’s war stories, while also hearing Ahsoka teach Rey about the Force

Day 20: Favourite quote? There’s so many, it’s impossible to pick. But in the moment I went for Yoda’s monologue to Luke about the Force from The Empire Strikes Back: “Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you? Hmm? Hmm. And well you should not. For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. You must feel the Force around you; here, between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere, yes. Even between the land and the ship.”

Day 21: Favourite score? So I was’t quite sure if this meant specifically a theme or the entire movie score, so I picked both. Duel of the Fates is my favourite theme, just ahead of Across the Stars, while Revenge of the Sith is my favourite movie score as it contains so many of my favourite themes from the Original and Prequel Trilogies

Day 22: Favourite Rebels episode/arc? For me it has to be the season 2 finale “Twilight of the Apprentice”. Having Maul return, Ahsoka finally facing off with Vader, Kanan being blinded and then that emotional ending montage where we see where everyone ended up and Ezra opening the Sith holocron was perfect!

Day 23: Favourite Rebels character? Sabine Wren is one of my favourite characters. As well as being a kick-ass Mandalorian, her love of art gives her a real individuality. But what really makes me love her is how her kick-ass exterior hides a vulnerable character in the early seasons, but over time she develops into a leader

Day 24: Favourite book? Honourable mentions to Lost Stars, Dark Disciple and Alphabet Squadron but Claudia Gray’s Bloodline (review coming later this month) gets the vote here. Not only can Gray write Leia (and other characters) so well, but she also makes the politics intriguing and gets a good balance between politics, character and action

Day 25: Dream cosplay? I’d love to cosplay as a Jedi at some point, but if I could have one cosplay above all others, I would love to have my own set of Mandalorian armour. This is the Way

Day 26: Favourite Resistance episode? I was very close to picking he season 2 episode “The Missing Agent”, but instead I’ve gone for the season 1 finale “No Escape: Part 2” The fallout of Kaz seeing the Hosnian system destroyed, the fight between the Aces and First Order, Tam being forced to make a decision as to who to trust and Kaz killing Vonreg made this a great finale and set things up well for a season 2 that thoroughly underdelivered

Day 27: Favourite Resistance character? While I must admit that I want to see more from Torra Doza, Synara San and the First Order officers Pyre and Vonreg, I think I’m actually going to pick CB-23. At first I thought she was going to be just a cheap imitation BB-8, but she became a character in her own right, with some brave moments and some moments of clear frustration at Kaz’s uselessness

Day 28: Favourite creature? So to clarify for this, I have omitted any creatures that were sentient to the point of being able to be considered characters (eg Wookiees, Ewoks). While Loth-cats came very close to getting selected, I instead went for the Vulptices. The “crystal critters” looked amazing in The Last Jedi and – braces for backlash – were actually of more importance than the Porgs due to them leading the remnants of the Resistance to safety on Crait

Day 29: Favourite droid? So I always find ranking droids difficult because you get some like Threepio, Kaytu and Elthree who are able to talk basic so it is easier to make them feel like a character with minimal effort than an astromech that speaks binary. For this reason, I went with an astromech BB-, but also a more humanoid, basic-speaking droid in K-2SO, who would also get my vote if I was forced to pick just 1

Day 30: Favourite Mandalorian episode? As much as I loved almost every episode episodes in the show, I have to go for the season finale, Chapter 8: “Redemption”. It has The Child being awesome as well as super cute, it has great fight scenes and balances the threat with humour very well. IG-11’s sacrifice is so emotional and then the Darksaber reveal at the end was incredible!

Day 31: Favourite Mandalorian character? So let’s just get it out the way, anyone who doesn’t say The Child is lying. So for that reason I excluded him from consideration and picked the Mando himself, Din Djarin. It certainly helps that he’s the lead of the show, but even in just 8 episodes we saw him develop from a lone wanderer to a caring protector for The Child while also working past his own childhood traumas to begin trusting droids. I can’t wait to see how he continues to develop in Season 2


Who would be your picks?

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