Star Wars Resistance – “The Mutiny”

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I’m back with another episode review for Star Wars Resistance. This is the second and final season of the third animated show in canon, focusing on Kazuda Xiono and his friends on the Colossus as they attempt to get away from the First Order and find the Resistance. These will take a very similar format to previously: an overview of the plot (so it goes without saying, there will be spoilers!), my thoughts on the episode and a few Moments in Canon – things I picked up on that linked to other stories or the larger galaxy as a whole. Today, I will be looking at episode 14: “The Mutiny


Plot Summary

The Galleon arrives on an asteroid, where Kragan and some of his pirates are meeting with Sidon Ithano, the “Crimson Corsair” to purchase a group of B2 super battle droids.

On the Colossus, Synara is speaking with Doza, trying to get more freedom for the pirates. Doza says that he has no choice but to keep an eye on them due to their past transgressions, but Synara warns him that they are more likely to rebel if they are treated like prisoners.

“These battle droids will be perfect to take over the Colossus.”

The Galleon arrives back at the Colossus and the pirates unload the cargo and hide it outside the Colossus. as Synara watches on. She warns Kragan about leaving the Colossus against Doza’s permission and bringing back illegal goods. Doza arrives with a security escort, but Kragan says that he has brought back food and supplies to show gratitude for Doza taking in the pirates. After Doza and his security droids leave, Kragan has the pirates bring the cargo back into the hangar.

Kaz is called to Doza’s office for a meeting, along with Yeager and Neeku. Yeager tells Kaz that he is going to have to do some work on the Fireball as Neeku will be doing some work for Doza, though none of them will elaborate. Kaz follows Neeku after leaving the office.

In the hangar, Kragan makes an excuse to get Synara out of the hangar and begins opening the cargo once she is gone. However, the B2s appear faulty and do not work as planned. Kaz follows Neeku to the hangar. Neeku is accosted by the pirates and Kragan recognises him as a skilled engineer from when they raided the remains of the Fulminatrix. Kragan leads Neeku deeper into the hangar, explaining he needs his help fixing something that will greatly benefit the Colossus. The hangar doors close, cutting Kaz off. Kragan shows Neeku the B2s and they also find a B1 battle droid that Ithano appears to have thrown in for free. Kragan tells Neeku that the droids are a gift to the Colossus as they can serve as extra security. Neeku agrees to help work on the B2s and enlists “B1” as his assistant, while Kragan has Drell and Valik keep an eye on him.

“I’m a battle droid, not an engineering droid.”

Kaz runs into Synara in Aunt Z’s Tavern and both talk about how their respective groups are acting weird and keeping secrets. Becoming suspicious, Synara leads Kaz back tot he hangar, saying that she can get them in.

Having completed the repairs to the B2s and B1, Neeku is dragged away by the pirates and locked in one of the cargo crates. Kaz and Synara are caught in the hangar by one of the now-operational B2s and they are thrown into the crate with Neeku.

Kragan and the pirates begin to take over the Colossus, using the B2s to help take out Doza’s security droids. Back in the hangar, Kaz, Synara and Neeku are freed by B1. Neeku explains that he suspected Kragan was up to no good by purchasing so many battle droids, so he programmed B1 to help him. The group make their way to Doza’s office, taking out any pirates they come across. They find the office empty, save for fallen security droids. Realising that the pirates must have caught Doza, they guess where the pirates have taken them.

“Synara, are you trying to mutiny my mutiny?”

Kragan, the remaining pirates and a number of the B2s have taken Doza, 4D-M1N and Yeager to the hangar, where he is preparing to throw them out into space. Synara, Kaz, Neeku and B1 arrive and Neeku tells B1 to issue a stand down order to the B2s. The B2s all over the Colossus stand down and Neeku explains to Kragan that he upgraded B1 to be the commander of the droids. At B1’s orders, the B2s disarm and imprison all of the pirates except Synara. Doza orders the droids to take the pirates tot he brig, but Synara convinces him to instead let the pirates leave, with their weapons confiscated and the Galleon‘s hyperdrive disabled, as this will mean that the Colossus is not wasting resources on prisoners.

As the pirates leave, Synara stays. Doza tells her that he understands how hard it is to go against family, to which Synara says that she has found a better one. Yeager and Kaz congratulate Neeku on his spying, to which Neeku said that he learned it all from Kaz: as long as you look naive and clumsy, no one will ever guess your true motivations.


This was another good episode and I must stress how happy I have been to see the improvement in recent episodes. If all of season 2 had been like the last couple of weeks, I would have enjoyed the season so much more.

It was great going back to the Kragan v Doza storyline, and having got to know a number of the pirates a little bit in other episodes made it feel better as they were not just nameless grunts. I was actually a little sorry to see them go at the end! I just wish that we had seen more of Synara this season to see her earning Doza’s trust so that she is not seen as just another pirate, while also seeing her split between her loyalties to the Colossus and the pirates.

“Did I ever mention how I’ve always wanted to become a pirate?”

I’ve been quite critical of Neeku through the series for the way he is too easily manipulated, so when I saw Kragan getting him to work on the droids, I got a little worried that the episode was going to be another “Neeku puts the Colossus in danger” episode, but seeing the switch with Neeku and the reveal that he had actually been playing dumb to catch Kragan out, but actually tricking everyone and working in a means to defeat the pirates. This quickly turned into one of my more appreciated episodes for Neeku.

It was great seeing battle droids in this show and they worked really well for the story, but I must admit that I was left a little disappointed after I realised that this was the episode with Sidon Ithano. Though he has only had a few moments onscreen in The Force Awakens, he is a very noticeable character, so I was expecting more from his character in this episode, especially as he has possibly the last remaining clone trooper on his crew. Yet instead his role could have belonged to any nameless pirate/smuggler. Other than that, though I can’t really complain much about this episode.

“Why did I trust that conniving Corsair?!”

A few other thoughts on this episode:

  • I do wonder if this would have worked better as a 2-episode arc, as the pirates taking over the Colossus and Kaz, Synara and Neeku being trapped lasted a grand total of about a minute. It would have been nice to see this have a bit more time to be expanded upon.
  • Though his role was a bit more limited in this episode, it felt like Kaz had regressed a little, with his poor shooting (on stun, no less) and inability to sneak
  • Synara’s reference to the Colossus crew being her family – a way that a lot of characters have described them this season – makes me certain that we will see Tam turn away from the First Order over the coming weeks

Moments in Canon

  • Finn joined up to Sidon Ithano’s crew on Takodana, but the First Order’s attack and Rey’s capture brought a quick end to their working relationship
  • Synara refers to the Bibo incident when discussing with Kaz the risk of Neeku inadvertently putting the Colossus in danger
  • Similarly, Kragan also references Neeku’s help on the Fulminatrix

star wars resistance 14 the mutiny b2 battle droids kragan

What did you think about the episode?

Thanks for reading. May the Force be with you…

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