Movember 2019: Day 24

We’re heading into the final week of Movember, and I was left with a big decision. Today was my best friend’s daughter’s thanksgiving – the first actual social event I would have gone to this month, and a lot of people either wouldn’t know or have only met a couple of times. As I saw it, I had 2 choices: keep the long stubble that had grown to try to hide the crazy design, or shave the stubble and flaunt the Monkeytail in all it’s glory… Well when I put it like that, there was only 1 choice!

Movember 2019 Day 24

Of course, there is a serious side to all this: trying to raise money for the Movember Foundation and also raising awareness to help change the face of men’s health. This year, I’m going through Movember in a team along with 2 friends of mine, Phil (who is also sporting a Monkeytail this year) and Matt. You can donate to my personal page here or find our team page here.

Today’s Movember in Star Wars is… Wullf Yularen

star wars characters wulff yularen anakin skywalker cat and mouse te clone wars
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Born on Coruscant, Wullf Yularen served in the Republic Navy. Before the Clone Wars, he participated in the Battle of Malastare Narrows against a fleet led by Admiral Trench, where he lost most of his forces. The battle ended in a Republic victory and Trench was seemingly killed.

During the Clone Wars, Yularen was given the rank of Admiral and assigned to Anakin Skywalker. Yularen served with Skywalker throughout the Clone Wars. Their service saw them go up against Admiral Trench once again at the Battle of Christophsis, hunt down Grievous’ flagship the Malevolence, and also open a blockade around Ryloth to begin the liberation of the planet – during which he picked up injuries.

When Ahsoka Tano was accused of treason, Yularen was a member of the prosecution, alongside Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin.

Following the Republic’s transition into the galactic Empire, Yularen resigned his admiral’s commission and joined the Imperial Security Bureau as a colonel. In this role, her personally reviewed Gallius Rax’s reports and played an active role in the Imperial response during the Berch Teller campaign. Following this campaign, Yularen was promoted to Deputy Director of the Naval Intelligence Agency, but he later returned to the ISB.

In his role at the ISB, Yularen was introduced to both Ahrind Pryce and a Chiss officer named Thrawn, for whom he helped build connections to help Thrawn in the case of a potential court martial. The pair helped each other on multiple occasions and they developed a mutual respect, which is why Yularen chose to trust Thrawn after catching him communicating with a known insurgent. Yularen also helped Thrawn in finding the identity of the Imperial traitor acting as “Fulcrum”.

Yularen was present in the Death Star conference room when Tarkin announced that the Senate had been disbanded and in fact passed by Chewbacca and a disguised Luke Skywalker and Han Solo as they were on their way to rescue Princess Leia Organa. Yularen was still on the Death Star during the Battle of Yavin and perished with its destruction.

Thanks for reading.

May the Force be with you…

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