Movember 2019: Day 17

We’re past the halfway point and before anything, I want to apologise for the lack of updates recently. A combination of work and watching The Mandalorian too many times (is that possible?) has left me with limited time to look after the Monkeytail, but I had some time this morning to sort everything out and show it off in its full glory.

Movember 2019 Day 17

Of course, there is a serious side to all this: trying to raise money for the Movember Foundation and also raising awareness to help change the face of men’s health. This year, I’m going through Movember in a team along with 2 friends of mine, Phil (who is also sporting a Monkeytail this year) and Matt. You can donate to my personal page here or find our team page here.

Today’s Movember in Star Wars is… Kassius Konstantine

Star Wars Rebels Admiral Konstantine
Image Source

Hailing from Coruscant, Kassius Konstantine was an Admiral in the Imperial Navy tasked with dealing with the Rebel presence on Lothal. Commanding the Relentless, Konstantine often found himself on the wrong end of interactions with the Spectres, including one moment when he ordered the capture of the Ghost in his Star Destroyer’s tractor beam but instead caught Darth Vader as the Ghost escaped – a failure Konstantine blamed on a subordinate officer.

More failures followed in the hunt for the Spectres, despite the Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister also basing themselves on the Relentless. During the ambush of Phoenix Squadron on Garel, Konstantine commanded the air assault. They managed to catch Commander Jun Sato’s corvette in a tractor beam but failed to complete the capture due to interference from the Ghost, allowing the majority of the Rebels to escape.

The repeated failures led to Governor Ahrinda Pryce requesting the services of Grand Admiral Thrawn and the Seventh Fleet. Konstantine saw Thrawn as a rival stealing his glory, not helped by further personal failures when sent to deal with the Iron Squadron above Mykapo. Another failure occurred when Konstantine tried to capture Mon Mothma, but was thwarted by the Spectres.

After Phoenix Squadron’s base was discovered on Atollon, Konstantine was placed in command of an Interdictor vessel as part of their blockade around the planet, catching the Rebels with a number of squadrons gathered together and leaving them unable to jump out of the system. Konstantine disagreed with some of Thrawn’s tactics and was eventually drawn out of position by the movement of Commander Sato in his flagship, the Phoenix Nest. Desiring personal glory, Konstantine ignored Thrawn’s orders to return to his set position, and was caught in a trap as Sato and his skeleton crew turned their ship directly towards Konstantine in a suicide run, resulting in the Interdictor being destroyed with Konstantine aboard.

As well as being costly in terms of Konstantine’s life, his decision to fall for Sato’s ploy allowed Ezra and Chopped to escape into hyperspace to seek reinforcements. Their return with Mandalorian reinforcements helped turn the tide of the battle and allowed the remaining Rebels (including the Spectres and some key members of the leadership) to escape and continue their rebellion.

Thanks for reading.

May the Force be with you…

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