Movember 2019: Day 8

Day 8 is here and it’s an important day! Why? Because it’s time to settle on a design and shape the mo. So I can finally reveal that this year, the Monkeytail has made a return!

Now this is probably a good time to make people aware: I don’t drive, so 5 times a week, I will be getting on a crowded public bus to and from work with this thing of beauty on my face!

Of course, there is a serious side to all this: trying to raise money for the Movember Foundation and also raising awareness to help change the face of men’s health. This year, I’m going through Movember in a team along with 2 friends of mine, Phil (who is also sporting a Monkeytail this year) and Matt. You can donate to my personal page here or find our team page here.

Today’s Movember in Star Wars is… Kendal Ozzel

Star Wars Darth Vader Admiral Ozzel Admiral Piett
Image Source

Born into a wealthy family from Carida, Kendal Ozzel served in the Republic Navy during the Clone Wars and transitioned into the Imperial Navy, becoming a member of the Joint Chiefs.

By the time of the discover of the Rebel Alliance on Hoth, Ozzel had become commanding officer of the Death Squadron, an armada of Imperial vessels led by the Executor and tasked with finding the Alliance’s hidden base. When a probe droid discovered signs of an occupied settlement on Hoth, Ozzel dismissed the information as lack of proof of any Rebel presence, but was overruled by Darth Vader, who ordered the fleet to the system.

Expecting to be able to surprise the Rebels, Ozzel had the fleet come out of hyperspace directly above the planet, however the presence of the probe droid had given the Rebels advanced warning and they activated the base’s energy field the moment they detected the fleet’s arrival, making an orbital bombardment impossible and necessitating a ground assault. This was reported to Vader, who saw this as a tactical blunder. From his meditation chamber, Vader opened a channel to Ozzel and Captain Piett. Before Ozzel could even begin to give his report, Vader began to Force choke him, citing this blunder as his final failure and promoting Piett to Admiral as Ozzel died beside him.

Thanks for reading.

May the Force be with you…

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