Why We Love Star Wars: The Great Moments That Built A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Regular readers will know that I will frequently appear with a book review as I work my way through canon. Well, I’m back with another today, but with a twist. Rather than looking at a story within the Star Wars galaxy today, I am instead looking at Ken Napzok’s first book Why We Love Star Wars: The Great Moments That Built A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Having been brought right back into the Star Wars fandom following The Force Awakens, I found myself scrolling through videos on YouTube a couple of years ago, before finding Collider Jedi Council. I quickly took to the personalities on here and it became weekly viewing for me. Over time, I found myself enjoying more content from Collider and their associated personalities, including falling in love with the Movie Trivia Schmoedown.

“The Pitboss” Ken Napzok was the inaugural Champion of the Schmoedown’s Star Wars Division and his Iron Man format Title Match against Darth Maul himself Sam Witwer is still one of the best matches in Schmoedown history.

Schmoedown Spectacular II Star Wars Napzok Promo

So when I heard that the former Star Wars Champion and host of Collider Jedi Council and the Forcer Center Podcast was releasing a book about this franchise we love, I knew that I had to pre-order it. Typically its release fell just as I was getting into the Aftermath Trilogy, which I was hooked on and wanted to finish off before moving onto anything else.

It was certainly worth the wait! I absolutely loved this book, which takes a look at the top 100 reasons why Ken loves Star Wars. While I don’t think the ranking was necessary as it must have been so hard to pick an order, I still loved the format and it definitely left me excited to see what moments were coming towards the end. What I really appreciated too was the way that Ken found moments from every medium, with love being given to the comics, books, animated series and movies, which will hopefully lead some fans of the movies to check out these other stories.

Rather than just talking about the moment, Ken does a great job of explaining why it has made it onto the list, how it has affected him and giving some great stories from his childhood. And through it all, we get the trademark Ken Napzok humour, dry and self-deprecating. He does a great job of bringing himself out in his writing and I found myself picking out plenty of mentions that I have come to expect from him on his podcasts, from the love of the pew pew to shout outs for Moden Canady and Admiral Raddus.

Star Wars Book Why We Love Star Wars.jpg

Is this worth a read? I 100% think so. There were certainly moments that I enjoyed that would have climbed up my own personal list reading Ken’s thoughts and it is amazing to get such a personal account of one man’s love of a galaxy far, far away.

May the Force be with you, Pitboss.

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