Star Wars Resistance Season 2 Trailer

This week saw the release of a trailer for Season 2 of Star Wars Resistance. Set to release in early October, this has been announced to be the final episode of the show, which I feel is a shame, but as long as this was the intended length then I am happy they are getting to tell the story they want

As I usually try to do, I have had a look at the trailer and tried to give my thoughts on what we see and make some predictions from it, so if you want to avoid even potential spoilers, this may not be the article for you.

First off, I need to congratulate Lucasfilm on another amazing trailer. Between the music, dialogue and action, the trailer keeps a good pace and does a great job of showing enough to get us interested and understand the basics of what we will be watching without giving away enough for us to know everything that is going to happen. I love the tone of the trailer as it certainly feels darker and more serious than season 1, while still keeping enough of the younger humour for kids to feel comfortable. As is usually the way with Lucasfilm’s animated shows, I imagine that they are keeping the trailer focused on the first half of the season, with a trailer for the second half due to drop in the mid-season break.

It looks like the story will pick up straight from the end of the season 1 finale, and focus on the search to find a new home for the Colossus, while the First Order continue to chase them. We hear in the trailer that “entire planets are giving up” to the First Order, so I imagine that some planets they go to will have already fallen to the First Order, while others may see the First Order arrive after them – as appears to be the case with the water planet we see TIEs descending towards. There is mention of how Tam is the best chance to find the Colossus and a shot of her with a comlink makes me think that she is in contact with someone on the station – either Jace Rucklin (Elijah Wood is named on as returning) looking to cause more trouble for Kaz, or potentially Neeku still trusting her. There are a couple of shots involving X-Wings – including one flying away from Agent Tierny – as well as Kaz and Neeku infiltrating the First Order in technician gear and a shot of stormtroopers shooting at a TIE in a hangar. I imagine that this will be the mid-season finale, where Tam will be forced to choose a side again and pick her friends, with the Resistance arriving to help them escape.

feat tv resistance season 2 poster.jpegIt looks like the pirates may be causing some struggle in a power struggle for the Colossus in the early episodes, which I imagine will be soon resolved judging by how often the trailer shows Synara with Kaz and his friends. Likewise, I think the shots of Phasma threatening Pyre will come early in the season (we already know that Starkiller Base has destroyed the Hosnian system, so she only has days to live) and that Kylo Ren’s appearance will be a part of the finale, set after The Last Jedi. I love watching him use the Force to make Tierny draw her blaster and haven’t decided yet if this will just be a warning or if he will make her kill Pyre.

It looks like part of the season (it feels like at least a couple of episodes) will see the Colossus being chased by bounty hunters and other mercenaries. I love the inclusion of the Guavian Death Gang, who it looks like will be part of the chase and I wonder if Bala-Tik will make a cameo. There was a cool looking Iktotchi bounty hunter who I can’t wait to see more of, but the one who really caught my notice was the Crimson Corsair, Sidon Ithano. One of the coolest looking characters to come out of the sequel trilogy, what gets me really excited here is the chance that we see a Jango Fett clone make it into the series, as Kix became a member of his crew – I think this is highly likely given we also see some B2 battle droids, who were likely taken by the crew and reprogrammed.

One thing that left me somewhat disappointed in season 1 was how little the Aces were used given the marketing focus. The feature heavily in this trailer, including a couple of dogfights, so I am hoping that we will see more of them this season. Meanwhile, the children from Tehar look like they will also have more of a focus in an episode, which looks like it may also contain some form of Sith artefact. I think this is once again leading towards a prediction I’ve made previously that Eila is Force-sensitive. It could even be that which leads to Kylo Ren taking an interest in this group.

As is often the case in these shows, it looks like we will be introduced to some new races as well as new First Order troops and ships (there appears to be a new TIE variant descending on the water planet, while a few shots appear to show the mountain trooper from the Black Series line of figures), but I also like how some favourites are also returning, with Opeepit making an appearance and one of the pirates ships appearing to include some of the scavenged remains of Major Vonreg’s ship.

Though there were plenty of moments and episodes I felt could be done better, I enjoyed season 1 on the whole. I don’t want to make any judgements purely on the trailer, but my initial feeling is that I will like season 2 even more. Bring on October!

Thanks for reading. May the Force be with you…

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