One Week of Star Wars: Mando Monday

Welcome to “One Week of Star Wars”, a quick series of 7 articles that will be released daily celebrating some of my favourite things in the Star Wars galaxy. Today, we’re looking at Mando Monday

Be aware, this article may contain spoilers for Star Wars Rebels

Mandalorian is a name that I have been familiar with for years, since the time of the Prequel Trilogy and Jango Fett’s awesome looking Mandalorian armour. Having not really delved too far into Legends, I have heard stories about how awesome the Mandalorians were and seeing them turn up in The Clone Wars and Rebels got me super excited by them. A warrior race with clans reminiscent of the different houses in Game of Thrones, they were awesome to watch even in their more pacifist times. Now that we are preparing for a live action series of The Mandalorian, I’m even more hyped to see what we get from this show!

Though we don’t yet know much about him, I am so intrigued by the titular Mandalorian and with Pedro Pascal playing him, I think he has every chance of making it high on my list of favourite characters.

Star Wars character Sabine Wren Darksaber
From the Topps Star Wars Card Trader app

Someone who is already in my top 5 is Sabine Wren. Voiced by Tiya Sircar in Rebels, the early seasons showed her as a kickass jack of all trades with a penchant for art that made her really stand out from the crowd, while she also appeared to have a secret. In season 3, we finally had that secret revealed as she began facing up to her past, leading to her helping to free her people from the grasp of the Empire. With the epilogue of the finale hinting that she and Ahsoka are going in search of Ezra, I hope we don’t have to wait too long for more Sabine content.

Another Mandalorian who I want more content about is Tarre Vizsla. The former ruler of Mandalore was the first Mandalorian to be inducted into the Jedi Order and also the creator of the darksaber. With rumours that upcoming content will go back in time, I hope that we get more information on him soon.

Thanks for reading. May the Force be with you…

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