The Clone Wars Season 7: Thoughts from the Panel

Celebration continues to be the gift that keeps on giving with Sunday’s panel for season 7 of The Clone Wars. This was probably one of the panels that I was most looking forward to watching and it did not disappoint, as we got some great new info, 3 sneak peeks and to cap it all, a new trailer.

The trailer and the sneak peaks showed a slight change in the animation that appeared to bring the show to an area between the previous seasons and Rebels, while also adding much more emotion in the face – something that wasn’t very clear in the stills shown but became obvious when we started seeing the clips. Personally, though it felt a little different and took me a moment to adjust to it, I am looking forward to the new animation and seeing it through the episodes.

Dave Filoni confirmed that one of the arcs to be featured was the Bad Batch arc. This was one of the arcs I predicted would be featured as the episodes were already there in an unfinished state and Filoni did mention that he had retooled it from the story reels, which makes me think that though I may know the general story, there could still be some surprises. Regardless, I really enjoyed the arc in the story reel format so can’t wait to see this in its finished form.

Assuming that the Bad Batch arc continues to take up 4 episodes, it looks like the rest of the season will have a heavy focus on Ahsoka. The second clip showed was familiar footage from something that I remember seeing previously (Celebration Europe’s “Ahsoka’s Untold Tales” panel, I believe) of her dealing with a speeder bike malfunction while flying it on Coruscant. This was originally part of an arc that included her going into the Coruscant underworld and meeting a character called Nyx Okami, who she was intended to develop a close relationship with. From the footage shown and the way Filoni spoke though, it appears that Okami may have been replaced by sisters Trace and Rafa, so I am interested to see how this affects the plot as they appear to take on the Pyke Syndicate, which was part of the original story. I did notice that the trailer showed footage from this that showed Bo-Katan (or one of her followers) on Coruscant while Ahsoka and the sisters are running from the Pykes, which makes me think that this story will flow directly into the Siege of Mandalor arc.

8 episodes starting with Ahsoka and the sisters and transitioning directly into the Siege of Mandalore sounds about right as the story with the sisters could take up 2 or 3 episodes and the rest could focus on the Siege of Mandalore, where the trailer suggests there is a lot to cover. It looks like we will see a space battle over Mandalore, part of the 501st being assigned to Ahsoka – the 3rd clip we saw, which already had me so excited despite being in an unfinished form – and changing their armour, Rex questioning his loyalties and the truth (with great shout-outs to Fives, Echo and Hevy), battle on Mandalore and a climactic battle between Ahsoka and Darth Maul, while I would also imagine at least 1 episode showing Order 66 taking place on Mandalore, which I remember from previous panels was initially part of the story and has also been hinted at in the Ahsoka novel.

This duel with Ahsoka and Maul was described as “epic” and the reveal that Maul’s movements in the fight were recreated from Ray Park doing motion capture has me super excited – Filoni is pulling out all the stops to give this show the finale it deserves. I also really love the decision to give Ahsoka blue lightsabers as it was something that I’d never even paused to consider before but looks so awesome! I was already excited by this show returning and even though it looks like I will already know the basic story behind much of what happens, I am so excited to see what it looks like finished and I’m sure Filoni will still have some surprises for us.

In Filoni we trust, I can’t wait for this to release!

Thanks for reading and May the Force be with you…

2 thoughts on “The Clone Wars Season 7: Thoughts from the Panel

  1. I am currently waiting for Season 7 of the Star Wars “The Clone Wars” series. The cartoon has so far been really interesting and captivating. The article has really gotten my interest. I am going to bookmark your blog and keep checking for new details every week.
    Open this link to reach my website and check out its contents. Please let me know if this okay with you. Many Thanks!

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    1. Always good to hear people like the show. I’m glad you’re enjoying the content, I’m hoping to have new content up at least once a week, plus also a weekly review of the latest episode as soon as I can see them


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