Hopes and Expectations: Star Wars Resistance Season 2

Season 1 of Star Wars Resistance is over and with Celebration just around the corner, I am already beginning to look ahead to Season 2! I expect that Celebration will give us a trailer for the next season (and if it follows the model of the Rebels panels, then those present will likely get to see the first episode) but as I am too impatient to wait until them, I’ve decided to make a couple of predictions as to what we may see (or what I hope to see) in season 2.

The long way round

Similar to how Rebels season 3 began tying into Rogue One following the mid-season break, I imagine we will get something similar in Resistance to tie into Episode IX. I imagine that the opening half of the season will likely involve the Colossus in a largely uncharted part of the galaxy having to find a way back to the Resistance, with them joining up with the survivors from Crait and joining the fight in the second half of the season.

Familiar faces

Once the group make it to the Resistance, I expect Poe and a number of other familiar faces from the movies will be involved in recurring roles. Even before that, though, we could see some familiar faces on the side of the Resistance. Star Wars Battlefront II left Zay Versio and Shriv being sent to find allies for the Resistance ahead of the evacuation from D’Qar, so this would be a great way to tie in the two stories and bring back a character in Shriv that seemed very popular.

Billy Dee Williams brought Lando into Rebels and he could appear in Resistance as well, with us finding out why he did not join up with Leia and the Resistance sooner if it is not something that can be shown in Episode IX.

The First Order… from a certain point of view

SW Resistance character Tam
Tam, from Amy Ratcliffe’s book Women of the Galaxy

Something that I mentioned in my review of the season 1 finale, I think that Tam joining the First Order and Vonreg’s death in the Battle of Castilon is setting her up to become the First Order’s new ace pilot. “Synara’s Score” mentioned that Tam used to be a racer and is only working as a mechanic to earn the money to buy a new racer, which appears to be setting her up to take on a piloting role.

Her choice to follow Tierny and the First Order also allows us the viewer to see the First Order from a different point of view while also having an antagonist for Kaz that we are emotionally invested in. Will she stay with the First Order once she sees what they’re really like? If so, it will be great to see if they brainwash her or will they convince her to willingly fight for them.

Pyre unmasked

We generally see that more character models become available for use in later seasons as the budget allows it more than in season 1. Pyre kept his helmet on in every scene of season 1, which is understandable as almost every time we saw him would have been when he was in a hostile environment. In season 2, having scenes following Tam with the First Order would allow a chance to get to see Pyre in an environment that would allow him to take his helmet off.

Who knows, we may even get a Pyre cameo in Episode IX!

Family secrets

A suggestion that I’ve heard from some people that I was initially against but am coming around to.

We currently know very little about Kaz’s father Hamato Xiono: he is a senator for the New Republic with links to the navy, but was likely killed in the destruction of Hosnian Prime. Or did he?

Hamata Xiono featured in one scene of “The Recruit” in hologram form, but he was not specifically shown as the Resistance scrambled the signal. In this scene, Hamata referred to the Resistance as “extremists” and was not happy with Kaz being involved with them… what if that is because he secretly supported the First Order?

Having not seen what he looks like, a “new” character working for the First Order could be introduced and then a later episode could see Kaz find out that his father is still alive, which would put him on a great emotional journey.


If the Colossus Resistance are going to go on an adventure before making their way to the rest of the Resistance, where better to go than Batuu?

Kragan’s pirates being on the station means that we could always see the crew relying on some of their contacts, which could lead them to Batuu to see Hondo Ohnaka. Galaxy’s Edge will be open by the time season 2 airs, so what better way to get more families interested in going to the parks than showing Batuu in a show their kids are watching?

The next Jedi

There were a couple of moments during season 1 that appeared to suggest that Eila may be Force sensitive. I think that this will be expanded upon in season 2 and eventually lead to her receiving training. But who could be doing the training? Spoilers for Rebels season 4 incoming!

  • SW Funko character ReyRey would be the obvious choice and it is hard to imagine that we will go through the entire series without her coming in at some point. Depending on what we see in Episode IX, this could be proper training to continue the Jedi Order or it could be a couple of lessons to help her expand on her abilities.
  • Jacen Syndulla is the son of Hera Syndulla and the Jedi Kanan Jarrus, so there is a good chance that he will have some ability with the Force. Having been conceived before the Battle of Scarif, Jacen is old enough to have potentially not been a part of/still at Luke’s academy at the time that Ben Solo became Kylo Ren, so he could still be out there and likely following in his mother’s footsteps in flying for the Resistance. Bringing back a character from a previous show would make sense, especially as it may draw in fans of Rebels who want to see what happened to their favourite characters.
  • Ezra Bridger was last seen being transported to an unknown destination in the finale of Rebels… sound familiar? As someone who went from young rookie to leader of a rebel cell and Jedi, he could very easily fill the same role for both Kaz and Eila as Ahsoka did to Ezra in Rebels, while also being a great way to draw in fans of that show. However, I find this unlikely as Ahsoka and Sabine setting off to find him in the final scene on the Rebels finale makes this unlikely to me as I think the story of them looking for and finding Ezra will be either a show/novel of its own.
  • Ahsoka Tano has played the role of a Jedi mentor before and would draw in fans as she is probably one of the fan favourite characters outside of the movies. However, for the same reason as above, I find this unlikely.


What are you hoping or expecting to see in season 2? Thanks for reading and may the Force be with you…

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