Star Wars Resistance – “Bibo”

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Welcome to my latest review for Star Wars Resistance. It took me a few weeks to get into the show, but by the end of “The High Tower” I knew that I was in for the long haul and have decided to start writing about it. This post will be focusing on episode 12: “Bibo”


Before I get into the episode, I do have a quick gripe about the show. Being based in the UK, we had to wait a week after each episode aired in the US before we could see it on Disney XD. However, we have still not even had the mid-season finale shown over here and that has now led to me having to look elsewhere for the episodes. I don’t mind fans in the USA being a week ahead, but to be weeks behind and still no have (as far as I can tell) a return date for the rest of the season in the UK is going to put some people off watching the show or could lead to them having later episodes spoiled. I really hope this gets sorted soon…

Plot Summary

“Oh I shall name you Bibo and you shall be my friend forever!”

Kaz and Neeku visit Synara, who has brought up a scavenged Z-95, to get some parts for the Fireball. While there, they realise that a small, stinky creature has been brought up along with the wreckage, which Neeku adopts and names Bibo.

Bibo’s attempts to eat everything cause mayhem in Yeager’s garage, leading Yeager to warn Neeku that one more problem from Bibo will see him being thrown out of the garage. Meanwhile, Kaz goes back to Synara – who has been tasked by Kragan to discover who the pilots that saved her were – to see if they can find any more Z-95s as they need a few more parts. Kaz and Synara go out to sea to find anything, where Synara starts trying to get information from Kaz about who found her and what secrets he is hiding, but they are distracted when a giant sea creature swims past, heading directly for the Colossus.

Back on the Colossus, Bibo causes more mayhem in the garage, leading to Yeager announcing he must go. Upset, Neeku announces that he will leave too, but in the shock, Bibo escapes. Tam goes with Neeku to help find Bibo and they find him with Kel, Eila and the Chelidae. The children mention that Eila has been having a recurring dream of something big coming and state that Eila’s recurring dreams usually come true.

“Something’s coming. My sister’s dreamt about it for days. When she has the same dream over and over, it always comes true.”

Kaz and Synara arrive back on the Colossus moments before the large creature attacks. After setting off the pirate alarm, Synara tries to close up the Colossus to protect it, while Kaz goes out in the Fireball to help the Aces. Meanwhile, thinking that the creature has come to eat Bibo, Tam and a couple of other residents of the Colossus try and fail to convince Neeku to give Bibo to the creature.

Back in the air, Bo Keevil crashes after being hit by the creature and Griff Halloran is also hit, but some clever flying from Kaz allows him to avoid crashing into the Colossus and instead hit the water.

Neeku eventually realises that the creature is not trying to eat Bibo, but is in fact its mother. He gets Kaz to call off the Aces’ attack and gives Bibo back to his mother, saving the Colossus for another day.


If you read my thoughts on the YouTube shorts that aired during the mid-season break, you will probably guess that I had mixed feeling on this episode.

“Citizens, are you attempting to incite panic?”

“That’s exactly what we are doing! Everyone needs to panic! Right now”

While Neeku has a kind heart, his almost child-like naivety can be quite grating, especially when he is potentially dooming the Colossus by keeping hold of Bibo. However, I loved having more time with the Aces in this episode and – more importantly – seeing them and Kaz all in action, it’s safe to say that their fight against the creature was my personal highlight from the episode.

While a first look at this episode may lead people to call it “filler”, there is actually a lot that happens here that could move the story forward. Kragan and Synara are still working together and in saving the Colossus, Synara now knows where the pirate alarm is and even re-wired it. I thought that following the events of “Synara’s Score” she was going to start siding with the Colossus after seeing how Tam treated her, but now I am beginning to think again that she will remain loyal to the pirates, though if they are double-crossed by the First Order I can imagine her siding with Kaz if she survives. Kaz’s flying skills in this episode appeared to catch the eye of Captain Doza and with the Fireball now looking a much more reliable ship, I think it is a matter of time before he is approached to join the Aces or help them in a more official role. Tam now knows about the children from Tehar, meaning that she could be put in more danger if the First Order realise they are alive. The reveal that Eila’s recurring dreams appear to come true sounds very like she could be Force-sensitive, which makes me think the First Order will be putting a big focus on finding her when they come to the Colossus if they realise that she is still alive, while it could also be setting up the future as the mid-season trailer has hinted that we will get to at least the time of The Force Awakens and potentially beyond The Last Jedi by the end of this season, so season 2 could see her being taught by Rey… assuming she survives this season! It also wouldn’t surprise me if the creature returns in a later episode given how interconnected the whole season has been – potentially becoming a third element in a fight between the Aces and the First Order.

“Ace 1 to unauthorised ship… clear this airspace, now!”

“No can do Hype! Looks like you need all the help you can get.”

Kaz is definitely beginning to come into his own, being a better mechanic and also getting to show his skills in the cockpit, however he is still a terrible liar and I can’t figure out whether this is being done just as a joke for kids to enjoy or if it is going to lead to issues for Kaz when someone sees through his lies.

With the reveal that this creature was Bibo’s mother, I guessed that this would be the case quite soon after the larger creature was revealed, however I can imagine – as with a number of moments through the series – that this will have come to more of a shock to children, who are of course the target audience.

“OK… That thing is huge!”

On the whole, I have to say that I liked this episode, which surprised me when I first started watching. I think that the sequences with Kaz and the Aces and the clear progression of some storylines makes up for what I consider to be the weaker points of the episode.

Moments in Canon

  • Kaz is able to identify the ships as Z-95s by recognising them as part of Reaper Squadron, which fought in the Clone Wars – Though Reaper Squadron is new, Z-95s can be seen in some episodes of The Clone Wars

What did you think about the episode? Thanks for reading and May the Force be with you…

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  1. OMG, Daisy Ridley am I right? She was on The Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon. I seriously grinned the entire time she was doing that awesome Star Wars rap. She summed up the last 8 movies in 3 minutes lol! I can’t wait for the next movie!

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