Star Wars Resistance: First Look Trailer

Ever since the new Star Wars show Resistance was announced in April, many fans including myself have eagerly awaited a trailer so we could get an idea for the feel of the show. We finally got that on Friday as a First Look trailer was released. Running at approximately 1 minute long, the trailer can be found here.

I’m not a regular watcher of animated shows, so to me the new animation style feels a little odd, but I am not too worried about this as I remember having similar feelings when I first started watching The Clone Wars, Rebels and Forces of Destiny. It was mainly the animation of the characters that I was unsure of, I thought BB-8 and the ships looked great in this style.

The tone of the show did feel quite young, both from the way some characters looked and the way they acted, but considering the show is set to air on the Disney Channel, I was always aware that the show was being designed for a younger audience, though it would not surprise me if it matures throughout its run in the same way the previous series have.

With the show set to begin with an hour-long episode, I got the feeling that all the shots in this trailer were from this episode, so hopefully we will get another trailer showing a bit more from the series in the upcoming months.

Having watched the trailer a couple of times now, there are a few things that I have noticed that may be hinting towards what happens in the show:

  • During one of his scenes with Poe, Kazuda Xiono is shown to be wearing an outfit bearing the symbol of the New Republic. It is possible that the first episode will see his recruitment into the Resistance.
  • One of the early shots shows a ship in the race with the symbols of a N-1 starfighter and what appears to be a YT-1300 light freighter, it is possible that the race Kazuda is taking part in could be the Junior Sabers, a junior version of the Five Sabers championship Han Solo oversaw.
  • We see what appears to be a First Order Stormtrooper in gold armour and with a gold blaster rifle. We know that Captain Phasma is set to appear in the show, but this armour appears to be more like that of a normal trooper. I imagine that Phasma will be a guest role, so this could perhaps be one of the main antagonists of the show.

What are your thought on the trailer? Are you looking forward to Resistance? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading and May the Force be with you…

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