Solo: A Star Wars Story – The Official Trailer

With less than 2 months until the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, Lucasfilm have released an official trailer as a follow-up to February’s teaser trailer. For those who have not yet seen the trailer, you can find it here.

Even though Han Solo is my favourite character from the movies, I was never enthralled with the idea of a Han Solo film when it was first announced as I did not feel that it was necessary, especially considering all the other stories that could have been told. I also feel that considering how iconic Billy Dee Williams and especially Harrison Ford are in the roles of Lando and Han, it is a lot of pressure to make these 2 characters the main focus of a film and ask other actors to portray them. While neither Donald Glover nor Alden Ehrenreich necessarily sound like the characters we are used to, I can accept their voices sounding different as it looks like this film is set approximately 10 years before the Original Trilogy, while the way they acted and spoke was reminiscent enough of the characters to me, especially Han’s interactions with Chewbacca.

Visually, the trailer looks stunning and much like Rogue One, this appears to be a grittier film than what we are used to from the saga films, which is something I love as it makes the galaxy feel more realistic. The image of the Star Destroyers under construction in an early shot was wonderful and the maelstrom we have seen in both trailers (when the Falcon appears to be escaping a Star Destroyer) looks spectacular! The music in the trailer also works really well and the first half of the trailer really gives the idea of a Western, which feels really right for Han Solo. I also like how this trailer gives just enough of a hint towards the story without giving too much away, something that can be very difficult when trying to entice a crowd.

I loved the shot of Chewie with another Wookiee (I assume it’s his wife Malla) as this suggests to me that we will see Chewie leaving his family (his son Lumpawaroo appeared in the Aftermath Trilogy of books) and this could be a great moment that affects viewers when they watch the Original Trilogy and Sequel Trilogy again to see just what Chewie gave up in order to travel the galaxy with Han.

While the trailer was impressive, there were a few moments that make me nervous. In the teaser, we had Han’s “we’re fine” line and now we have “I’ve got a really good feeling about this”. While I like the way they have adapted the classic “I have a bad feeling about this” line, much as was done in the last 2 movies, to get 2 such obvious references in the trailers makes me worry that there may be too many references that are just too on the nose and take the viewer out of the moment. I just hope we don’t get a line about Han always shooting first”. This trailer also makes it look as if Han gets his DL-44 blaster from Beckett. While I don’t mind this in itself, I just hope that we are not going to use this film as an origin story for everything relating to Han, especially as we can all but guarantee we will see the dice from The Last Jedi make an appearance as they play a part in Han winning the Falcon. I also can’t help but be a little nervous that this trailer shows us 2 new stormtrooper variants, a new walker and a new TIE variant. I have no problem with other variants being introduced as long as there is a legitimate reason for them, but can’t help but think that if each film continues to introduce new variants it will get to the point that their absence from the Original Trilogy makes no sense.

This trailer is certainly doing a good job at getting me excited for the movie. I would not say that I am looking forward to this anywhere near as much as I was The Last Jedi, but I don’t mind this as I am going in with much lower expectations which I think could actually help me like the film when I get to see this. Alden Ehrenreich is winning me over as Han Solo which is so important to me and what looked to be falling apart when Lord & Miller were released from the project now looks like it will be a great addition to the Star Wars galaxy.


What are your thoughts on the trailer? Did you enjoy it or are you nervous about the film? Thanks for reading and may the Force be with you…

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