31 Days of Star Wars – Day 23

Welcome to 31 Days of Star Wars! As this is a new blog I thought this would be the perfect way for you to get to know me a bit by answering a different question about my Star Wars preferences each day in March. Today’s subject is…

Favourite Moment from The Last Jedi

Keep in mind for this selection that I have only seen the film twice in the cinema, whereas the rest of the films I have seen loads of times, so this is very much a pick of what moment has stuck in my mind most from the first 2 viewings. Spoilers are ahead for the film – you have been warned!

The reveal of Luke creating a projection and his eventual becoming one with the Force was a wonderful moment and I love the way it ties back to the binary sunset of A New Hope, but my pick here is Holdo’s sacrifice.

I really loved this moment as though it is the first time a deliberate sacrificial act like this has appeared in the films, it is reminiscent of a similar sacrifice in the season 3 finale episodes of Star Wars Rebels. But more than that, it is the beautiful way that the sacrifice is presented.

The way that the music and sound all disappears while the image goes to black and white apparently made some moviegoers worry there was something wrong with the film, but the beautiful image of all the Star Destroyers being destroyed in deathly silence, then the return of the sound as the ships explode was breath-taking and I wold argue it is one of the most stunning moments in the entire saga!

Which is your favourite moment from the film? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading and May the Force be with you…

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