31 Days of Star Wars – Day 14

Welcome to 31 Days of Star Wars! As this is a new blog I thought this would be the perfect way for you to get to know me a bit by answering a different question about my Star Wars preferences each day in March. Today’s subject is…

Favourite Quote

George Lucas isn’t famous for writing the best dialogue, but there are still some fantastic lines in the Star Wars films – “I don’t like sand” not being one of them!

Again, I have decided to stick to the films for this category, but that hasn’t really helped my choices. I think that this is likely one of those categories that changes very much by what I have watched recently or what mood I am in. But at the time of writing this, I have settled on Obi-Wan’s words to Anakin/Darth Vader towards the end of Revenge of the Sith:

Obi-Wan: “You were the chosen one! It was said that you would destroy the Sith, not join them! Bring balance to the Force, not leave it in darkness!

Darth Vader: “I HATE YOU!”

Obi-Wan: “You were my brother, Anakin! I loved you!”

This quote, while being full of emotion, shows Obi-Wan’s true feelings towards Anakin. After everything he is still more disappointed than angry at Anakin’s fall to the dark side, and still can’t bring himself to kill Anakin.

Ewan McGregor was one of the shining lights in the Prequel Trilogy and delivered lines like this so well. I would love to see him get a standalone Obi-Wan movie to really hit the role out the park.

What is your favourite quote? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading and May the Force be with you…

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