31 Days of Star Wars – Day 6

Welcome to 31 Days of Star Wars! As this is a new blog I thought this would be the perfect way for you to get to know me a bit by answering a different question about my Star Wars preferences each day in March. Today’s subject is…

Favourite Sith

Well we haven’t really got many to go on in canon at the moment which certainly made the job easier. As great as Darth Vader is, the obvious pick for me was Darth Maul. He may have only had 3 lines in The Phantom Menace, but his appearance and amazing lightsaber skills made him a firm favourite and a part of me still wonders how the films could have gone if he had been used as an antagonist throughout rather than be ‘killed’ at the end of Episode 1.

“At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi. At last we will have revenge”

When I first heard the news that Maul had survived and was being brought into The Clone Wars, I was interested but sceptical – he had been cut in half and fallen down a deep hole after all! But Dave Filoni certainly knew what he was doing and Sam Witwer has done such a fantastic job voicing him that I always enjoy watching the Maul episodes in The Clone Wars and Rebels, with his final confrontation with Ben Kenobi in the Rebels season 3 episode Twin Suns being absolutely fantastic!

I will also take this point to give an honourable mention to Darth Bane. Bane’s trilogy by Drew Karpyshyn are some of the few Legends stories that I have read and I absolutely love them and the way he establishes the Rule of Two. Bane is canon courtesy of The Clone Wars – as is his creation of the Rule of Two – but we do not know much beyond that. If they bring Bane back in a way similar to his legends story, Maul could have some competition for the top spot.

Who would your favourite Sith be? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading and May the Force be with you…

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