31 Days of Star Wars – Day 1

Welcome to 31 Days of Star Wars! As this is a new blog I thought this would be the perfect way for you to get to know me a bit by answering a different question about my Star Wars preferences each day in March. Today’s subject is…

Favourite member of the Rebellion

There are so many people that I could pick when you look at the Rebellion as a whole, from the heroes of the films like Luke and Leia, to members of Phoenix Squadron in Rebels… and plenty of pilots with small roles in canon. I was so close to picking Sabine Wren but in the end had to settle for the man about to get his own film, Han Solo!

He’s not your classic hero like Luke and has that cocky, improvisational side to him that you can’t help but enjoy as a fan. He’s a good pilot, accurate with a blaster and above all, he’s just a scoundrel. Yeah he may not be a jedi, but he’s the guy every boy wanted to be in the playground and even as he developed into a leader within the Rebellion, he never lost that scoundrel attitude!

“Look, your worshipfulness, let’s get one thing straight. I take orders from just one person: me!”

More than that, he often did what was right, rather than what was best. Rather than running to the far side of the galaxy, he chose to return to help destroy the Death Star at the Battle of Yavin. He also chose to assemble a group to help him free the Wookiees from Imperial occupation on Kashyyyk when the fledgling New Republic prioritised other systems.

I look forward to seeing what Howard, Kasdan, Ehrenreich et al. bring to the screen in May with Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Who would your favourite Rebel be? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading and May the Force be with you…

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